Local and Regional Competition Calendar

A list of local and regional competitions that may be of interest to OBC members and other local homebrewers. We'll update the information on this calendar as it is released.

Questions or requests for listing can be sent to competition@oregonbrewcrew.org.

Upcoming Regional Competitions 

-Rocktoberfest - Redmond, OR.  Entries due 9/15 with judging at Kobold Brewing on 9/22 and 9/23. Drop off sites include Steinbarts and Brew Brothers/Three Mugs. BOS wins a 10 gallon brew kettle, runner-up gets a 50# bag of Mecca Grade malt.  Open to all styles, entry fee $7. Registration opens 6/1. Entry due date changed to 9/11.

-Hob Nob Oktoberfest Homebrewer Competition - St. Helens, OR. Entry fee is 5 gallons of homebrew or $30.  No website but contact for John Stermer at (503) 396-5029 listed. 

-Lights Out! Gig Harbor, WA.  Dark beers only, but open to several BJCP categories. Registration opens Sept 1st, with entries due 10/8.  Award ceremony on 10/20.  Some pretty sweet prizes, including: brewing with 7 Seas Brewing, Spike kettle, Skagit Valley grains, a counterflow wort chiller, and more. 

GEBL (Greater Everett Brewer's League) Oktoberfest and Homebrew Challenge - Everett, WA. Will take place on 10/13.  Here's information and registration will open Sept 8th at oktoberfestbracket.gebl.org APPEARS TO BE CANCELLED as of 9/13.

Capital Brewers Harvest Classic - Salem, OR.  Registration opens 7/16, with entries due by 9/21. Judging will take place on 10/13.

Fall Classic - OBC's 18th annual Fall competition!  Judging to take place Oct 19th and 20th at Portland Cider Company, with an award ceremony and raffle following the judging on the 20th.  The last OSHBOTY qualifier for the year!  We will need plenty of stewards and judges, so be sure to register, and brew up your best beers!  Registration now open! If you are interested in serving on the competition committee, please email competition@oregonbrewcrew.com.


Celebrewtion - Sacramento, CA.   Takes place on 10/20.  Registration is now open, and is here.

Queen of Beer - Rancho Cordova, CA. Entry deadline 11/11.  Only for the ladies! Registration will be here.

Upcoming events

    • 10/14/2018
    • 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM
    • TBD
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    Registration is closed

    2018 “Pure Water Brew Competition”


    This highly popular competition is open to members of OBC only, brought to you by Clean Water Services, Carollo Engineers, and Black & Veatch, Mainstem Malt, Crossroads Mobile Canning and others.

    1.     Each Entrant will be supplied with 10 Gallons of Ultra Pure Water supplied by Clean Water Services. The Entrant must use this water to brew a 5 gallon batch of beer that is kegged and submitted in a standard 5 gallon corny keg.


    2.     Entries: There will be 40 entry spots available. Registration will take place online via the OBC website on Sunday June 24th @ 10:00 AM. Upon registration you will be asked to choose a strain of yeast and a style of beer and your base malt. 


    3.     Water Delivery Date  is Friday August 24th at F.H. Steinbart. Please pick up your water no later than Aug 31st. Volunteers will assist in loading your water.


    4.     Imperial Organic Yeast is once again providing yeast for all entrants the year. You can choose from the following nine strains. These will be available for pick up at FHS along with your water.

     Ale: Flagship, Barbarian, House

     Lager: Global, Harvest, Deiter

     Belgian: Napoleon, White Out, Gnome


    5.     Styles: The purpose of this competition is to focus of the water, therefore we don’t want beers that mask the water, I.E. CDAs, RISs, IPAs, Strong Belgians, etc.) There will be 4 groups of beer styles to choose from. Each of these will be limited to 10 entries. 

    Lager/Pilsner: Lite American Lager, Standard American Lager, Premium American Lager, Munich Helles, Dortmunder Export, German Pilsner (Pils), Bohemian Pilsener, Classic American Pilsner

    Light Hybrid: Cream Ale, Blonde Ale, Kölsch, American Wheat or Rye Beer

    American Ale: American Pale Ale, American Amber Ale, American Brown Ale

    Belgian and French Ale: Witbier, Belgian Pale Ale, Saison, Bière de Garde, Belgian Specialty Ale

    Please keep in mind that your beer will not be judged to BJCP style requirements. Although there will be a BJCP judge participating, many of the judges will be staff of CWS, volunteers, local celebrities and OBC members who will just be judging by taste and quality of the beer.

    No Adjuncts like fruit flavorings, spices (unless they are to the styles listed above), wood, etc. can be added to your beer.

    6.     Mainstem Malt: Mainstem Malt will be providing the base grains for this years competition. Located in Eastern Washington, they are a craft maltster with farmers thought out the PNW who are all certified Salmon Safe. We will be using grains from Goschie Farms located right here in the Willamette Valley. 

    2017 Willamette 2-Row Pilsner, Lyon Barley

    2017 Willamette 2-Row Pilsner, Full Pint Barley

    7.     Cost: In addition to free yeast and water, ALL PARTICIPANTS must select and "Purchase" their ingredients @ F.H. Steinbart. This will be done via direct bill at no cost to the brewer. 


    8.     Canning and Deadline: All entrants must supply their beer for competition in a standard 5 gallon corny keg. Your beer should be fully carbonated and dropped off at F.H. Steinbart or  No later than Friday October 12th. (Canning will take place on October 13th)


    9.     Judging: Judging is scheduled to take place at a location TBD on October 14th from 10AM-1 PM. 


    10.     Winners: It is anticipated (subject to the quality of entries) that a minimum of 10 beers will be selected to advance. CWS at their discretion may choose more than 10 brewers to advance. Winning Beers will then be used by CWS at various events throughout the year to promote and the use of water reuse. Each brewer whose beer is selected to advance will receive $50 plus 4 cans of their beer. A onetime BOS winner will also be chosen at the competition and that brewer will receive another $50 ($100 total).


    11.  Corny Kegs: Empty kegs will be returned to FHS no later than Oct. 14th. 

    12.  Cans: Brewers whose beer does not advance will receive all of their beer in 16 oz cans. (less any opened during the Competition)


    13.  Fees: None

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