2017 Board Members

(2018 updates are coming soon)


Jim Thompson - Jim has been an OBC member for 4 years and homebrewing for over 7. In the past two years, he has submitted over 200 entries (not bottles) to homebrew competitions around the country and won 74 medals. Still not enough points to beat Chuck Macaluso though... 

As Competition Chair in 2016, Jim former a new "Competition Committee" which helped manage and run our two main events - Heart of Cascadia and Fall Classic - as well as helping sister club PBC run the Stout Bout in January. Jim also helped bring new ProAM "style" competitions to the club including Fire & Brimstone and the Portland Brewing "Homebrewer" series.

Aside from homebrewing, Jim is a licensed private pilot with degrees in Audio Engineering and Culinary Arts, neither of which does he use. Jim is currently co-founder of a software company which helps beverage alcohol suppliers and distributors manage their sales and marketing initiatives.


Brian HaslipIn my first three years as a member of the Oregon Brew Crew I was awarded 2 Merle Gilmore Bung awards as well as the Member of the Year Bung. In 2016, I supported the club as Vice President and began the year organizing a special club viewing of the brewing documentary “Blood Sweat and Beers”, which netted a few hundred dollars for the Club. I also organized the Club's July bus trip, which took the participants to two breweries, a Cidery and a Sake Maker. As the primary organizer along with Clean Water Services, of OBC's 3rd annual “Pure Water Brew” we worked with multiple groups to hold the event. In the end it brought in over $1000 to the Club and had 40+ OBC participants. I also hosted a DIY day for members to work on equipment projects. Lastly, I organized a People's Choice Homebrew Competition with Portland Brewing that brought $445 in donations for the Club as well as providing a great time for the participating brewers. As VP, I will continue to work hard with the current Board planning monthly meetings and annual events as well as organizing special events to support club members and bring revenue to the club.


Sean Morrison - I grew up in Bellingham, Washington and brewed my first beer in 2007. In addition to brewing, I also make cider and wine at home. After receiving my Bachelor of Arts in Spanish Language & Literature at Whitworth University, I earned a commission as an Army engineer officer. I have over eight years of experience leading and managing people, cross-functional teams, projects, budgets, events and initiatives. 

My industry experience includes:

Board of Directors, Cellarmaster, Founding Member, Pacific Northwest Homebrewers Conference

Wine Lab Intern, 12th & Maple Wine Company

Oregon Brew Crew: Planning Committee - Holiday Party 2015, Co-Organizer - Brew Camp 2016, Organizer - OBC Barrel Project

In addition to my management and industry experience I’m also pursuing a Master of Business Administration full-time at Washington State University with a focus in finance.


Jodi CampbellI originally joined OBC because my husband thought it was a great idea.  After joining I had to tell him he was right.  Since being a member I have learned so much and have met some great friends.  I have served on the board as Secretary for the last two years. OBC has opened so many doors for me. If re-elected for Secretary I would devote my time to helping others achieve their goals, get involved and have fun.  I know it was very intimidating to be a new member in this club and I want to make it comfortable and fun for new and old members.  


Corrie Heath - I've been a member of the OBC for 5 or 6 years, and I've seen a lot of positive growth and change in that time.  The club has been a great resource, for me personally but I'm sure many others as well, for connecting to other homebrewers and the greater beer community, getting a start in homebrewing, and continuing to improve knowledge and skills.  I'd like to give back to the club by serving as a board member.  As competition chair, I'd like to continue the great work Jim has done by keeping the members abreast of current opportunities as well as sustaining and growing the OBC run competitions. 


Alex Brehm - I got started in homebrewing after my in-laws bought me a beginner’s homebrew setup as a gift. Later that same year, my wife Caitlin bought our first year’s OBC membership for my birthday. I have those two perfect gifts to thank for my favorite hobby.

I approached my new hobby by seeking out education opportunities to become the best brewer I can be. Between taking the BJCP class (and then co-teaching it the next year), listening to countless hours of brewing podcasts on my daily commutes, and seeking out opportunities to connect with more experienced homebrewers, I have a much better grasp on many brewing concepts than I had when I got started. In particular, I have focused on learning as much as possible about brewing with extract, making the most of minimal brewing space, and brewing for competition.

At this year’s inaugural Pacific Northwest Homebrew Conference, I had the opportunity to share some of my expertise in my lecture “Brewing Award Winning Beer With Extract.” The best part of this experience was the open sharing of knowledge and ideas between brewers with all different backgrounds and levels of experience. This is my vision for OBC Education for the upcoming year: foster the open sharing of knowledge and ideas among our diverse club. If elected, I hope to make quality homebrew education available for club members of all experience levels and areas of interest.

I’m a teacher by trade but a brewer at heart. If you want to more closely follow my homebrewing adventures, hit me up on Instagram: @brehmbucks”


Jon Campbell For those of you who don't know me, my name is Jon Campbell. I have been the OBC Communications Chair for the last year. I am the one sending out all of those emails for meetings and newsletters as well as Facebook posts and occasional tweets.

I have been home brewing for six years and love the hobby. I have been a member of OBC and AHA now for three years. I am an avid beer lover and home brewer. I love going on "Beer-cations" with my wife, Jodi. I have enjoyed getting to know more OBC members this year and hope to meet more of you in the future. I am hoping to use some of my enthusiasm and love of beer to help out OBC. I hope to serve on the board again and help keep you in the loop. 

My goal for OBC is to maintain a good stream of communication between the board and the members. I would like to have several of you help out by writing articles for the newsletter about your club experiences. I also look forward to hearing from you. 


Sean Sanders - Hi everyone, I'm Sean Sanders, running for Festival/Volunteer coordinator chair for 2017.

Since I got started brewing in 2014, I've been an avid participant in brewing and beer culture. As a video game developer, I created the definitive brewing video game, Fiz, and have been an active member in our great club shortly after moving to Portland in early 2015.

I'm running for Festival and Volunteer Chair because my favorite way of helping the club had been by volunteering for one or two booth or pouring shifts at each fest, as well as conducting brew demos at least once a year.

As a business owner and naturally social person, I think I have the experience and temperament needed to rally and organize volunteers to continue our tradition of having both a great time and solid club presence at each of our events.  Additionally, as a self employed person, I have flexibility with my schedule to see to the club's needs when they arise.

I hope you'll consider voting for me and I'll see you at the fests either way!


Meagan Thompson-   Hello, I'm Meagan Thompson and I am running for Burgermeister 2017! Looks like I am going unchallenged this year, so you might just be stuck with me! Next year, I will try to keep things going just as they have been with some minor improvements. Better trash/recycling, more raffle prizes, etc. If you have any input please let me know at any time. Thank you and happy brewing!

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