Local and Regional Competition Calendar

A list of local and regional competitions that may be of interest to OBC members and other local homebrewers. We'll update the information on this calendar as it is released.

Questions or requests for listing can be sent to competition@oregonbrewcrew.org.

Upcoming Regional Competitions 

KLCC Brewfest Homebrew Competition - Eugene, OR.  Info here and registration opening 12/1 here.  $10/entry and BOS brews with Falling Sky and be entered in the GABF ProAM. Judging takes place 1/31 and 2/2.  All styles accepted.

Mellarius Cup - Vancouver, B.C.  Mead only competition. Entry registration open 12/1 to 1/11/19, with judging to take place on 1/26.  

Best of Craft Beer Awards - Bend, OR, 2/8 to 2/10.  Alright, so we're not eligible to enter (yet!), however they will be looking for stewards and BJCP judges. If you're interested, ask myself or someone else who has been there for information. 

Greater Everett Brewer's League (GEBL) IPA Bracket Challenge - Everett, WA.  IPA only, with unique bracket style format.  Info here.  Entries due 2/3, with the competition taking place (live webcast!) on 2/9.  

Stout Bout - The 6th annual, taking place 2/9 at Baerlic Brewing.  Current link to page is not working, but look for it soon at pbcstoutbout.com.  

JBLM Homebrew Competition - DuPont, WA.  Register starting Jan 1st, judging takes place on 2/23.  

SheBrew - Our 3rd annual competition, the largest woman only homebrew competition in the U.S.!  Only the ladies are eligible to enter, however we welcome the support and help of all for judging and stewarding.  There will be an great raffle as well!  Judging will take place 2/23 at Portland Cider Company.  And don't forget the awesome associated 5th annual SheBrew Festival on the following weekend!

Cascade Brewer's Cup - Seattle, WA.  Information will be here for the 3/8 competition.

Washington Mead & Cider Cup - Snohomish, WA.  Register between 2/8 and 2/22 for the competition on 3/9.

Krausen Cup - After a successful 1st year, Imperial Yeast is bringing back the Krasuen Cup for a second round on 3/9.  Look for more information soon!  Entry is only $5, and you might remember some pretty sweet prizes last year.  

Mazer Cup - Broomfield, CA.  Mead only competition on 3/16.  Information for 2019 will be here.

Other Competitions typically in Jan/Feb:  Hop Idol (Seattle).   No information on these for 2019 yet, but keep an eye open.  

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