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Brewing Award Winning Beer & Being True to Style - Randy Scorby

  Portland Water Presentation
    Driver Ed Notes for Adjusting Water

Brewing with Portland Water Powerpoint

An overview of temperature as it relates to brewing

The Great Mead

Blue Dog Mead Meeting

Mystery SMaSH

About the Project
Mystery Hop Recipe
Mystery Hop Evaluation Form

SMaSH #1 Sep 2012
Willamette hops guessed correctly by Joel Sherman
Tasting Results
Tasting Data
SMaSH #Oct 2012
Mt Hood hops guessed correctly by Owen Norvell and Justin Galster
Tasting Results
Tasting Data

SMaSH #3  Nov 2012
Simcoe hops guessed correctly by Ted Assur, Steve Carper, Blain Blodgette and Jacob Stromaier
Tasting Results
Tasting Data

SMaSH #4  Dec 2012
Galaxy hops eluded the palates of the OBC. No correct guesses.

SMaS#5  Jan 2013
Nelson Sauvin hops guessed correctly by Will Minderhaut

SMaS#6  Feb 2013
El Dorado hops guessed correctly by Mat Geltzeiler

SMaS#7  Mar 2013
Sorachi Ace hops guessed correctly by Paul Johnson and Mark Glasby
SMaS#8  Apr 2013
Cascade hops and Vienna Malt. Winners: Steve Howard and Dean Reiner
SMaS#9  May 2013
Pacifica hops eluded the palates of the OBC. Better luck next month.
SMaS#10  June 2013
Northern Brewer hops. Winner: Tom Bowden
SMaS#11  July 2013
In a surprise twist, there were both a mystery hop and mystery malt. Hop was Mosaic. Malt was MFB Special Aromatic. Winner: Jason Jordan

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