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OBC Booth at The Oregon Brewers Festival

  • 07/22/2015
  • 12:00 PM
  • 07/26/2015
  • 7:00 PM
  • Tom McCall Waterfront Park
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We have our own booth at the Oregon Brewers Festival and we need your help!

-Talk about homebrewing and the OBC to interested people
-Chat with a fellow member or two that you will be volunteering with. 
-Selling OBC merch to out-of-towners who want to prove how "in" they are with the PNW craft beer scene. 
-Drink beer (in moderation of course)!

What you get:
-Free admission
-Free beer
-Free mug
-HBOTY points
-My undying gratitude that you have helped out your club
-Bragging rights that you did volunteer work for a nonprofit :)

Did I mention free beer?

There are two shifts available for each day, Noon- 4:30p and 4:30p-9:00p Wednesday through Saturday and Noon-3:30p and 3:30p-7:00p on Sunday and we need 2-3 people per shift.

July 22,  Noon-4:30p ( FULL)
July 22, 4:30p-9:00p ( FULL)

July 23,  Noon-4:30p ( 1 AVAILABLE)
July 23, 4:30p-9:00p ( 1 AVAILABLE)

July 24,  Noon-4:30p ( FULL)
July 24, 4:30p-9:00p ( FULL)

July 25,  Noon-4:30p ( FULL)
July 25, 4:30p-9:00p ( FULL)

July 26,  Noon-3:30p ( FULL)
July 26, 3:30p-7:00p ( FULL)

Sign up today and let me know if you have any questions!
Rick Okamura
Festival Coordinator

We are also looking for people to brew onsite!  We will have the Pilot System there so you don't even have to bring your own equipment.  If you are interested, emai rick.okamura@oregonbrewcrew.org

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