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Brew Camp 2016 - Wild and Sour Beer Weekend

  • 05/27/2016
  • 4:00 PM
  • 05/30/2016
  • 1:00 PM
  • Trask River County Campground (Tillamook County, OR)
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(depends on selected options)

Base fee:
  • For those wanting to make the 2 hour drive each way but not stay for camping, you can register for the education portion and brewing session only. Parking at the main campground entrance only!
  • 1/3 deposit to hold a space for you or your guest(s). Indicate guests on next page - FULL PAYMENT DUE BY MAY 1ST!
  • Includes a shared campsite (4 people per campsite, 2 tents or 1 tent and a trailer) plus 4 meals. Campsite is for 3 nights, Friday afternoon through Monday afternoon.
  • Includes a shared campsite (4 people per campsite, 2 tents or 1 tent and a trailer) plus 4 meals. Campsite is for 3 nights, Friday afternoon through Monday afternoon.
  • Please select this ONLY if you are reserving your own spot in the campground. Includes meals and educational sessions. Please email jim.thompson@oregonbrew.crew to request the registration code.
  • For members who paid a $20 deposit and need to pay the remaining $40/person.

Registration is closed

OBC Member/Guest Price - $60/person

Non-OBC Price - $75/person

Ever wanted to combine camping and homebrewing? Ever curious about capturing the local flavor and funk of Oregon with wild yeast and friendly bacteria while spending a few days “off the grid”? Well that is exactly what we will be doing over Memorial Day weekend along the beautiful Trask River in Tillamook county! Come join fellow OBC members and friends from the Portland beer community, for 3 days of fun, great food, group brewing experiences and education.

Our guest speaker will be Trevor Rogers from De Garde Brewing in Tillamook, who will discuss various topics relating to sour and wild beer production, and will help the group brew two 30 gallon batches of wort with De Garde aged hops and fresh river water. This beer will be naturally cooled overnight in the campground and inoculated with the resident yeast and bacteria from the area. 20 participants will have the chance to receive three gallons of wort in their own carboys, or you may purchase a PET carboy for an additional $15.

Participants will also be able to bring their own brew stands and setups if they wish. There is no reason we can not brew a few batches of clean beer as well! There will also be an amazing wild and sour beer tasting on Saturday night!



  • Registration must be processed through the OBC website (marking “Interested” or “Going” on Facebook does NOT hold your spot!)
  • Each OBC member can bring 1 guest, 2 guests per couple at the member rate. Pets are allowed and cost an additional $5 each

  • A 1/3 deposit will be required to reserve your space ($20 per person). Non-members must pay full registration.
  • Riverfront campsites (blue) accommodate up to 12 people BUT only 2 vehicles and 3 tents total, or 1 RV/trailer plus 1 vehicle and 2 additional tents.
  • Interior campsites (brown) will accommodate up to 8 people BUT only 1 vehicle and 2 tents per site, or 1 trailer and 1 additional tent.
  • Registration fees include:
    • Campsite for all members or guests. Campsite assignments will be made in advance and groups will likely be combined
    • 2 group dinners (Saturday and Sunday) and 3 group breakfasts (Saturday, Sunday and Monday). Attendees are responsible for their own dinner Friday and lunches although leftovers may be available.
  • Check-in is Friday 3:30pm and checkout is Monday 1:30pm. Attendees can arrive Saturday morning as well but the costs per person will NOT be prorated.

Hope to see you there!

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