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  • March OBC out Meeting at Labrewatory

March OBC out Meeting at Labrewatory

  • 03/10/2016
  • 7:00 PM
  • Labrewatory 670 N. Russel St Portland, Oregon 97227

The OBC march meeting will be on March 10 @ 7PM.  This meeting will be held at the Labrewatory.

The Labrewatory is Portland's only Brewery where you can try experimental beers made by some of the best brewers in town.  The brewery consists of a 3.5Bbl Nano-Brewery made by Portland Kettle Works.

The Labrewatory is located at 670 N. Russel St Portland, Oregon 97227


Although we will be providing each member with a ticket good for a free beer at Labrewatory, we still need volunteers to bring food for the potluck! Once again, we will hold a raffle. for those who participate. Remember, folks, food keeps us happy and relatively sober! ;)


1 ticket for small items: chips/dip, breads, package of store bought cookies, candy, etc.

3 tickets for a medium items: salad, a plate of homemade goodies, a pot of beans, veggies, or a smaller-medium dish of food.

5 tickets for a large items: lasagna, mac and cheese, sausages,  , sandwiches or a medium dish with obviously expensive ingredients. 

We will be raffling off: one $25 keychain breathalyzer and one $25 gift certificate to Steinbarts.

Thank you!

Since this is an out meeting you must be a current member to attend.

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