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Portland Fruit Beer Festival Homebrew Competition

  • 06/01/2014
  • Burnside Brewing

Portland Fruit Beer Festival Homebrew Competition

The Portland Fruit Beer Festival
is proud to again partner with the Oregon Brew Crew on our annual Homebrew Competition, sponsored by Burnside Brewing. This is an non-BJCP style competition open to any homebrewer regardless of location or club affiliation.

Do you make the best fruit beer? Prove it! The main rule is that you must use real fruit whole, pureed, dried or juiced. No artificial extracts or flavorings are allowed. If using fresh fruit, please clean your fruit of any wax or pesticides before use.

Entries will be divided into five categories: 
  1. Light Colored (12 SRM and lower), 
  2. Dark Colored (greater than 12 SRM), 
  3. Sour, 
  4. Spice/Herb, and 
  5. Hard Cider. 
The Best of Show will then be determined from the winners of those categories. Your beer will be judged with simple sensory analysis sheets designed to give feedback without regard to total overall score. 

Prizes for each first place in the three categories are a $20 gift certificate to Burnside Brewing. The Best of Show grand prize will win an additional $50 gift certificate! The winners will be announced on Saturday, June 7th at 2pm during the festival.

Entries accepted at Burnside Brewing and FH Steinbart Co. from May 12 (Monday) to May 28 (Wednesday) by the close of business. Judging will commence on June 1 (Sunday)…and judges are needed! If you wish to judge, please email Jenn McPoland or Lee Hedgmon.

Each entry costs $7, but you'll get three Portland Fruit Beer Festival beer tickets in return for each entry (your name will be placed on a list at the festival gates to collect your tickets). Please make check, money orders out to "Oregon Brew Crew" with a memo of "PFBF Entry Fee" to be included with your entry. (Submit cash at your own risk.) There are no entry limits, but we ask that you only submit one beer per category please (no spamming multiple categories with one beer). 

Please submit two unmarked 10 - 22 oz. bottles for each entry with a bottle identification form affixed to each bottle with a rubber band. On the entry form, please specify all the fruit(s) used and (if applicable) all spice/herb(s) used. Recipes are not necessary. You must also specify the category you're entering or it may be miscategorized. Entries that are missing forms or that have tape/stickers of any kind will be automatically disqualified without refund.

Again this year, the PFBF Dinner will feature a specially crafted menu to compliment the homebrews selected for it. If you would like your beer to be considered for this dinner, and receive free entry to it (a minimum $50 value), please mark in BIG BLOCK LETTERS at the top of your entry form "PFBF DINNER ENTRY." If your beer is selected for the dinner event, you must have at least 3 gallons of that beer available, and be willing to donate it to the PFBF Dinner. You do not need to enter the homebrew comp in order to be considered for the PFBF Dinner, but you may enter both if desired.

Burnside Brewing is graciously donating a sum of money to the Oregon Brew Crew for it's help in the competition. You can show your support and thanks, if you are a licensed OLCC server, by volunteering for a shift to pour beer during the festival. Contact Holly Emery-Walen for more information. General information about the festival is available here.

You can get an OLCC server permit ONLINE here.

If you have any questions about the competition, or would like to judge, please email Jenn McPoland or Lee Hedgmon.

Please email broken links or website suggestions to webmaster@oregonbrewcrew.org
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