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10/10/2012 8:37 PM | Anonymous member
Hello everyone,

My name is Trevor Lauman. I was an Oregon Brew Crew member from late 2010 through 2011. I was forced to put my membership on hold, but for good reason. My love of beer convinced me to enter the Oregon State University Fermentation Science program. The experience here has been amazing. But, homebrewing and ultimately owning my own brewery is not my only passion. In the summer of 2011, my Dad passed away from a disease called Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), or better known as Lou Gehrig's disease. Since his initial diagnosis in the early 2000's, I have been working on helping the ALS community through awareness and raising funds. I'm merging my two passions into an event for this holiday season in mid-December. The event will be named "Wayne's Annual Holiday Ale Fest" and will feature homebrewers like yourselves!

Why am I reaching out the Oregon Brew Crew?

The Oregon Brew Crew is a fantastic group of people who are passionate about beer. They love to experiment and share their passion with others. Why not create a beer, share your passion, support a good cause, and do it on someone else's dime? Wayne's Annual Holiday Ale Fest will pay you for your supplies upon confirmation and delivery of the beer! You will be able to share your labor of love and receive feedback from an audience of 50+ people.


-Many details are being worked out, but there is a large number of people behind this event to ensure its existence, and the support is spreading.
-The group planning page is on Facebook:
-Slated to happen December 15th.
-Event will be held in the Portland-Metro area at a large, private residence.
-Uses a donation/token system.
-All profits from this event will be made to the Walk to Defeat ALS and the ALS Association
-Listed on the page is an event planning document that outlines duties and volunteers. Volunteers are coming on board every day and the awareness of this event is growing!


If you would like to volunteer your awesome beer making capabilities and be compensated for your supplies, please contact me! I can be reached through the Facebook page "Wayne's Holiday Ale Fest" (, Facebook message Trevor Lauman, or via email. My email is:

Thank you for checking this post out and I hope to meet a few of you through this event!

Trevor Lauman

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