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What to Brew in March: Cascadian Dark Ale, IPA, or whatever you want!

03/14/2013 9:45 AM | Anonymous

This month we’re focusing on the hop giants, CDA and IPAs. With a few opportunities coming to showcase your beer in late April and early May, and getting that ‘pop’ of fresh hoppy beer, you want your hop flavor and aroma to be fresh at the competition. That means getting your beer there fresh. This as close as you’re going to get and still make it in.

Cascadian Dark Ale

By now, you might have heard about this little kerfuffle I’ve kicked out to world, called the Heart of Cascadia. Registration started March 1st for the event, and it looks like folks have heard the call. Cascadia has some defense to do, and I’ve been thrilled at the number of OBC members interested in jumping in.  To say we have a local advantage is an understatement: great water, local ingredients, local judges, and the best guide to the style around:

If you missed Abram Goldman-Armstrong’s thorough coverage of the style, or missed the opportunity to ask him questions at the February meeting, we’ll be posting notes on the OBC web site.  Here is one of the recipes Abram kindly shared with the club:


(for 10 gal)

20# Gambrinus Organic Pilsner Malt

2# Great Western Organic C-60

1# Weyermann Organic Carafa II debittered malt

12 ounces Briess Dark Chocolate Malt

1 ounce Magnum 14.2%a.a. 60 minutes

1.5 ounces Amarillo 9% a.a. 60 minutes

1 ounce Organic Summit Pellets 13.2% a.a. at 15 minutes

2 ounces Centennial 11.3% a.a. at 15 minutes

1 ounce Centennial at flame off

2 ounces Amarillo  at flame off

OG 1056 FG 1011 Fermented with Hopworks yeast slurry (1318)


Entries will be due at any your local brew shops Friday, April 12th.


By now, you might have heard about this other little kerfuffle I’ve kicked out to Florida, called the “OBC vs. Tampa Bay BEERS Cross Country Brew-Off.” OBC got to pick the first round, and we’re sending 12 entries to represent the club at the High Plains Drafter’sEight Seconds of Froth. I am thrilled by the response of OBC members interested in brewing for this event and we’ve got a wait-list of people in the wings to make sure we’re fully represented. I’ll be entering this event with a recipe based off of the 2012 NHC winning recipe for IPA.

Thanks to all who signed up, and if you’re not on the list for the BEERS Brew-off that’s ok. I’m happy to add you to the waitlist. But , that’s not the only reason to make an IPA!

I’m also “leveraging the schedule:”

If you look at the “When to Brew” calendar, in addition to the Brew-Off, we’ve got the 6th round of this year’s Club Only Competition (Extract Beers) due in April, and a Style Competition Program for American IPA in May. I’m brewing once and entering all of these events! The beer I’m making (right after I write this article, actually) is a partial-mash American IPA which qualifies it for all three. If you’re limited on brew-days (like I am), but want to enter more competitions, look ahead at the schedule (or your schedule) and plan for where you want your beers to go.

Are you not brewing All-Grain? Brew ANY Style

Don’t feel left out! We’ve got a competition for you: The last round of this season’s Club-Only is for any style beer that use at least 50% extract. That means entries are required to use all extract or be partial-mash entries. The sky’s the limit!



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