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03/16/2013 3:51 PM | Anonymous

SMaSH 7 – Sorachi Ace

I thought this was a very interesting flavor. There was something I tasted but didn’t know how to describe it. While filling out the form it hit me “Bourbon Whiskey”. A couple other fill in descriptions were Coconut which I think is another good description.

Will Minderhout selected Sorachi Ace as the mystery hop for this brew. Will also brewed it. Thank you Will! Congratulations to our winners: Paul Johnson and Mark Glasby.

The following four people demonstrated they have well refined taste. They correctly guessed the mystery hop for Mystery SMaSH 7 is Sorachi Ace. Great job!

  •        Paul Johnson – first guess
  •      Mark Glasby – first guess
  •      Michael Corbet – third guess
  •     <anonymous> – first guess

Thank you all for making the Mystery SMaSH 7 a success. We had 24 forms turned in (a bit of a drop from 37 at the previous meeting). There were 46 guesses for the hop and 92 descriptions filled out! Checkout the graphs and data on the Education Page.

Some of the popular guesses were.

Saaz - 6 guesses
Sorachi Ace - 4 guesses
10 hops - 2 guesses
16 hops - 1 guess

The most popular descriptor categories were:

Floral - 11
Citrus - 9
Vegetable – 8
Tropical Fruit – 7

The standout descriptions were:

Hibiscus – 3

Coconut – 2 write in descriptions (I will update the form to include this)


Mathew Geltzeiler (winner of SMaSH 6) has selected the mystery hop and malt for Mystery SMaSH 8, to be served at the 2013 April meeting. In case you didn’t catch that, there will be both a mystery hop and a mystery malt for the April meeting.

Jacob Strohmaier volunteered to brew this. It is finishing up fermenting now. Thank you Jacob!

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