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A Successful Spring Beer and Wine Festival

04/07/2013 12:51 PM | Anonymous

I want to thank all the members who volunteered to work the booth and pour for Collaborator and take a few moments to highlight the efforts our members did talking about the club and interacting with people who stopped by to admire the brew sculpture we had on display. This year’s Festival saw a couple of additions to its regular roster of fun. This year we had a spot on the seminar stage to talk about the homebrewing, answer questions from the audience, and demonstrate the all-grain brewing process. We also had a brew sculpture on display at the club booth. People unfamiliar with brewing stopped to ask questions and other homebrewers stopped to admire the work and discuss homebrewing. Events like this depend on the efforts of people willing to put in the time to do everything from setting up/breaking down the booth, gathering supplies, to running errands, and bringing in water. Not everyone has to be a homebrewer to volunteer, as a matter of fact, having a mix of skill levels and interest made for a booth that was accessible to people who currently brew, were just learning to brew, or just enjoyed the homebrew made by friends or family.

Each of the volunteers brought something special to the booth and I want to take a few moments to acknowledge their contributions.


Roy Niffousi, Julie Mikalson, Josh Huerta, Jason Barker, Marilyn Burns- Poured Collaborator and many times we would have people come over after getting a taste of the Collaborator beers and ask questions about the club.


Jenn McPoland, Jared King, Michael Corbett - These three saw the line forming on the first day. A line that stretch down past the ticket booth, filled with eager faces, and empty mugs. Jenn helped with setup and gathering supplies from Steinbarts. Jared and Michael answered questions about the brewing sculpture, OBC and brewing in general.


Josh Merrick, Chris Hummert, Doug and Shirley MacGregor- Midshift at the festival was busy with lots of people coming over to ask questions about the brew sculpture. Josh posted himself near enough to give folks a chance to just look and be available to answer questions. Chris, Shirley, and Doug staffed the table, offering fliers, copies of Zymurgy, and in the case of Shirley talking about her experiences with the OBC and the benefits and learning opportunities it offers for individuals who may not brew but have a love of good beer.


Nick Dahl, Don Stewart, Sam Simms- The Friday night crew kept the energy up and while the foot traffic had slowed down considerably, we still had many visitors to the booth. Sam and Don kept up a steady stream of friendly conversation about the brew sculpture and their own brewing endeavors. Nick and I handed out magazines and chatted about our experiences brewing. Nick, especially had entertaining stories to tell about his early brewing years. The night ended with a broken chair and a visit from Michael Brown.


Brian and Katherine Haslip, Rick Okamura, John Oldendorf- The first shift saw Brian in his element talking with folks about his brew sculpture. Rick and John had their hands full with the table and fielding questions with a busy Saturday morning crowd.


Dave Capolarello, Warren Johnson, Samantha Tanner, Matthew Ellis, and Chad Jacobs, Mark Glasby- This was the largest volunteer crew shift and during the busiest part of the day. Dave offered to pour at a booth when they ran short of volunteers. Chad, Samantha, Mark, and Matthew were great talking about their experience as new brewers and how they got into homebrewing. Our Vice-President Warren gave information about the club and its events.  

Stephen Woods, Caren Rockwood, Warren Johnson, Dave Capolarello- The last shift of the night. Warren and Dave stuck around for the next shift and were joined by Caren and Stephen. Caren had volunteered last minute to work this shift and both she and Stephen brought so much energy and enthusiasm to the booth.


Will and Rachel Minderhout, Corrie Heath- Will and Rachel stopped by the booth and hung out. Corrie came by to offer support , she stood in the back while I gave the talk on the stage, giving me the thumbs up.

My thanks to everyone,


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