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Presidential Pint - April 2013

04/07/2013 8:07 PM | Anonymous

I want to start this month off with giving a big thanks to everyone who volunteered to staff our booth at the Spring Beer and Wine Fest.  Without you volunteering your time at events like these, our club wouldn't be successful. I know that the tokens we give you back for beer doesn't come close to what your time is worth, but for that I give you a heartfelt thanks.

Speaking of volunteering, the club is looking for people to come down to Steinbarts on May 4th to demo brewing on AHA Big Brew Day. We will need you to bring your brewing gear and be willing to answer questions from people interested in trying out homebrewing. Steinbarts has offered to pay for a 5 gallon recipe, and if you’re doing a 10 gallon recipe then the Brew Crew will pay for the other 5 gallons if you bring those 5 gallons to a club meeting. All you need to do is to send your recipe to Steinbarts and they will have it packaged up and ready for you when you arrive on the 4th. For more info on this event, please check out the blog (in a day or so after the newsletter) and you will find all the details.

This month’s meeting is on TUESDAY April 9th at 6:30pm. Make sure you note the TUESDAY part of that previous sentence.  We will be meeting at:

Columbia River Brewing Company

1728 NE 40th Ave

Portland, OR

The OBC will be providing 2 pints and some appetizers at the meeting. Brewer Rick Burkhardt will be speaking about the brewery, discussing educational topics and giving tours.

Remember that our brand new Heart of Cascadia competition entries are due on April 12th. Please make sure to register and get your entries in before the deadline. Ted has mentioned that we have entries that have come in from all over the US. I want to make sure we have as many of our members enter it to make it as successful as possible. Plus it would just make us look all that much better when one of our members win J

-Chris Hummert


Oregon Brew Crew 


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