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Widmer Collaborator Competition winners announced!

04/28/2013 11:31 AM | Anonymous
Greetings all!

On Wednesday, April 17th, the Widmer Collaborator Competition commenced. The Collaborator Committee extends a hearty thank you to all OBC members who deemed Collaborator worthy to share their best brews with! Thank you to all of the judges who came out and helped judge the comp. They were comprised of local brewers, beer bloggers, and other industry professionals. There were many great beers to taste, and they accepted the challenge and completed the task handily.

From 36 total entries, the field was narrowed to nine beers for the final table; these were judged by...
Rob Widmer (you know Rob)
Jacob Leonard of Breakside Brewing (former brewer at Widmer and Walking Man)
Abram Goldman-Armstrong (past OBC president, beer writer, 107ist, Widmer's Green & Gold is his recipe, etc.)
Scott Sanders (past OBC president and historian, past Collaborator winner, and new addition to the Collaborator Committee)

...a qualified crew.

At the end of the back and forth, blood and tears, and finally over a pile of zombie (beer) corpses, the arbitrary number of winners were divulged:

Dean Ehnes and John Lee (first time winners) with a Lavendar Licorice Smoked Baltic Porter
Dave and Mandy Hayes (second win!) with a Rye Lager
Mark Easton (THIRD win!) with a German Pilsner
Jenn McPoland and Jeremie Landers (first time winners) with an IPA

Congratulations to all Collaborator winners! Lab analysis will be performed on their beers, and the winners will brew their winning beer with Widmer, when seasonally feasible, for release on tap at many fine local establishments (brewers will be contacted as the calendar allows). Each winner will also enjoy a release party for their beer and be presented by Rob with a Collaborator logo'ed Carhartt jacket! Not bad for homebrew, eh?

The Collaborator Committee looks forward to next year's competition. It's never too soon to start crafting your best brew for submission next year, so get on with the brewing!


The Collaborator Committee
(Rob, Noel, Lisa, Jeremie, Jenn, and Scott)

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