Mystery SMaSH 9 Results

05/25/2013 11:25 AM | Deleted user

Mystery SMaSH

SMaSH 9 – Pacifica

Paul Johnson and Mark Glasby selected Pacifica as the mystery hop for SMaSH 9.

This SMaSH was brewed by volunteer Bret Muth. Thank you Bret!

The membership was able to plow through 5 gallons of the Mystery SMaSH in record time. However we only had eight forms turned in and only five of those had the hop profile filled in. With this low number of results we will need to change the program or stop it altogether.

We didn’t have any winners for Mystery SMaSH 9.

Thank you to the following five people would filled out the hop profile (descriptions) and turned in their forms for Mystery SMaSH 9. It is appreciated.

  • ·         Tom Bowden
  • ·         Warren
  • ·         Dean Ehnes
  • ·         Joey Espinosa
  • ·         Tim Brinson

There were 21 guesses for the hop and 19 descriptions filled out. Checkout the graphs and data on the Education Page.

Some of the popular hop guesses were.

East Kent Golding - 2 guesses
Nelson Sauvin - 2 guesses

The most popular descriptor categories were:

Citrus - 4
Small Fruit - 4
Tropical Fruit – 3

The standout descriptions were:

Orange – 2
Grape – 2

SMaSH 10

Steve Howard and Dean Reiner (winners of SMaSH 8) have selected the mystery hop for Mystery SMaSH 10, to be served at the 2013 June meeting.

Brian Haslip volunteered to brew this SMaSH. Thank you Brian!

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