July Competition Corner

07/04/2013 9:34 AM | Anonymous member
By Ted Assur

Style Competition Program Schedule:
We won't be having an SCP for the July meeting, but please consider entering or judging in the following styles for next few months:

August: Session Beers (OG 1.040 or under). Celebrating smaller beers for the August heat, we're looking for the best sessionable beers. BJCP Style Categories include:
  • 1A: Light American Lager
  • 1B: Standard American Lager (+)
  • 6B: Blonde Ale
  • 6D: American Wheat or Rye (+)
  • 8A: Standard Bitter
  • 8B: Best Bitter (+)
  • 9A-C: Scottish Ales
  • 11A-C: English Mild and Browns
  • 13A: Dry Stout
  • 17A: Berliner Weisse
(+) Indicates 1.040 OG is the minimum for the style. 

For more information on OG and FG info for BJCP beer styles, see this graph.

September: Belgian Strong. 
If you picked up and used the special strain of Belgian Yeast we handed out at the April meeting at Columbia River Brewing, this is the competition for that beer. We're looking for BJCP Category 18 beers for this month. If you haven't yet made this beer, you might still pull off an entry using that yeast or Wyeast 3787, in fact I encourage members to do so just to compare beers that have mellowed a bit with newer brews of the style.

October: TBD.

November: Baltic Porter (BJCP 12C)

OBC v. BEERS Update: Round 2, Pilsners:
We expect to have the final competition location pinned down in the next few weeks. The following OBC members have contacted me to brew Pilsner for this competition. We have a maximum of 12 slots. If you contacted me and are not on this list, I apologize, please remind me. If you're not on the list and want to be, please send me an email.
R. Strauss
W. Minderhout
M. Easton
T. Assur
W. Johnson
C. Hummert
J. Barker
A. Schnabel

At this point I'm estimating beers should be done and ready to ship by late August.

Local Competition Info:
Spirits of Baker County: No entry fee. Entries due July 18th.
Oregon State Fair: Entries Due July 26th.

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