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Recap of the OBC Bus Trip to Hood River

07/04/2013 2:12 PM | Deleted user
Brewers in the Hood: A bus-n-brew trip to Hood River
by David Smith

Early in the morning on June 1, a lucky group of OBCers boarded the bus at the Green Dragon, picked up a second crew in Troutdale and cruised east on I84. We had a big day of research and camaraderie before us, so we fueled up on donuts and breakfast beer.

Logsdon Organic Farmhouse Ales was our first stop, a converted barn nestled in an idyllic valley with a clear view of Mount Hood. We received tours of the brewery and fields by owner David Logsdon and brewer Charles Porter, then sampled the hand-crafted beers. While the Wit was crisp and refreshing,  the Bretta Seizoen and Oak Aged Seizoen really showed all the dry, fruity spiciness that you would hope for in farmhouse styles.

Somehow the bus made it back out of the narrow dirt driveway and took us down the road to Hood River to Double Mountain. We got a tour of the recently expanded brewing facility and then had a talk from Charlie Devereux as we sipped some very fresh Cluster F**k from the bright tank. After a rigorous Q&A session (we are experts, after all) we sampled a few more of Double Mountain's brews. Then we were hungry.

Back on the bus, we headed south again across the Hood River valley and into Parkdale for a BBQ picnic at Solera Brewing, where we were greeted by owner Jason Kahler. Most of us took our pints and plates to the picnic tables out back, where Mt Hood looked on jealously. Satiated, we went back into the brewpub to get a short talk from Jason Stepper from Wyeast Laboratories and an interesting tasting of an experimental beer made especially for us by Solera - a single Belgian blond wort made with four different yeast strains. For those of you keeping track, they were strains 2112, 3739, 2575, and 1469. This was a clear way to taste and feel the decisive character the yeast imparts on the end product, despite identical ingredients. It was also surprising that we could tell the difference after four hours of sampling.

We weren't finished yet. We climbed back on the bus to trundle back into Hood River for our final stop, the relatively new up-and-comer, pFriem Family Brewers. Located down on the waterfront park, we got a long tour and informal discussion with owner/brewer, Josh Pfriem (yes, the brand is spelled differently). The brewery is surprisingly large, bright and well ordered for a new operation, and the beers lived up to the facility. From the creamy Wit to the big, citrusy IPA, pFriem is producing a range of high quality beverages merging Belgium style and Northwest ingredients.

From everybody who somehow found the bus at the end of the day for the trip home, hearty thanks to Warren Johnson for organizing the trip, herding the cats, and providing the snacks and water to keep us sharp and on our best behavior.


  • 07/09/2013 2:46 PM | Bruce Prior
    Nice job David, had to look up "Satiated". I see a future in beer writing for you:)
    Link  •  Reply
    • 07/10/2013 9:50 AM | David
      Thanks Bruce. Glad you've discovered how to use the dictionary :) Keep educating me, and I'll keep writing.
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