Bottler’s Mausoleum

07/04/2013 11:31 PM | Deleted user
Bottler’s Mausoleum Needs Your Help

By Warren Johnson

Have you ever visited the historic Lone Fir Cemetery? If not, you’re missing out on some interesting history related to beer brewing in Oregon. Lone Fir, located at Southeast 26th Avenue and Stark Street in Portland, is the final resting place for George F. Bottler - a man that played a role in shaping our beer-loving state. 

Many people are not be familiar with the early history of craft brewing in Oregon. Portland's first brewery, the Liberty Brewing Company, was founded by Henry Saxer in 1852. In 1856, George F. Bottler established the second brewery, naming it City Brewery. In 1864, Henry Weinhard took over Bottler's interest in the business; Bottler died the following year. Weinhard continued expanding the brewery until it was the largest in the Pacific Northwest.

Bottler’s mausoleum was erected by his brother in 1865. It is one of the first structures built in the oldest part of Lone Fir and it is now in jeopardy. The mausoleum, which has undergone significant decay, is a brick structure with partially stuccoed exterior walls. The structure is currently fenced off for safety reasons because bricks have fallen off, wall material has cracked and separated from the structure, and portions of the roof are missing. Cemetery supporters are currently working to repair the tomb as a way to raise awareness of Bottler’s contributions to Oregon’s brewing scene. 

Bottler did not have any other family in this country and, consequently, no one remains to help pay the expenses of restoring this decaying monument. Metro and the Lone Fir Cemetery Foundation are working to repair it, but no funds are in place for its restoration. You can help preserve this piece of Oregon’s history by contributing to the restoration fund. If you would like to make a donate or learn more information about Bottler’s mausoleum, please contact Metro or the Lone Fir Cemetery Foundation.

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