July Presidential Pint

07/05/2013 4:57 PM | Anonymous

By Chris Hummert

It’s Oregon Craft Beer month which also means that it’s the height of the Beer Festival/Event calendar. I don’t know about you, but this is my favorite beer time of the year. We just got done with the Fruit Beer Fest and the Organic Brewers fest and we have the Portland International Brewfest and the Oregon Brewers Fest coming up. Plus both of these festivals take place in one of the best Oregon weather months of the year. It really doesn't get better than this.

I want to thank everyone who volunteered to staff the booth at the Organic Brewfest. I actually had the chance to stop by on Friday evening and everything looked wonderful. I want to give a special thanks to Lee for doing such a great job of setting up and organizing everything.

With that in mind we have an even bigger festival to prepare for with the Oregon Brewers Festival coming up at the end of the month. If you haven’t heard the OBF has expanded from 4 days to 5 days long. The problem for us though is that we need to staff our booth and have someone do a demo for one extra day. If you have a spare day you can take off work or if you’re free that weekend, I’m asking you to please help us staff the booth at the OBF. It’s really not that bad of a job as some people think. In the past few years I’ve always done it with a friend. This is the best situation because one of you can stay at the booth and answer questions while the other goes out and gets beers, plus back at the booth you always have a chair under the shade to sit on. The time flies by as you drink beer and talk to people about the club.

I also want to give a special thanks to Brian Haslip for building the Dave Cato Memorial Cask Engine Cabinet. If you didn't see it at the May meeting hopefully you will in August, but Brian did a fantastic job building it and making a tribute worthy of the memory of Dave Cato.

Wrapping things up, I would also like to remind everyone that our next meeting is on July 11th at Widmer Brothers Brewing Company. We will be located in back loading dock area. This is a member’s only meeting so there’s no guest allowed. If you’re not a member yet and you've been on the fence, sign up online and come to one of the best meetings of the year. Our food will be Burgers and Hot Dog so if you want to bring some to accompany that please contact our Burgermeister, Josh Huerta.

One final note, typically we have had a picnic schedule in August and no regular meeting. For as long as I've been on the board I've though it was silly to have no regular meeting right after we talk to all those people at Oregon Brewers Fest about joining the club. In addition the picnic was always held on the weekend and not that many people had a chance to show up due to busy summer plans. This year we've done away with that and will be having a meeting on August 8th. This will allow us to capture the attention of the enthusiastic people we talk to at the OBF and help get them interested in homebrewing and the OBC. Sorry to all those people that enjoyed the picnic, but if it doesn't work out this year, we can always bring it back next year.

If I don’t see you at the meeting hopefully I’ll see you at one of the festivals this month.


Chris Hummert


Oregon Brew Crew

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