August Presidential Pint

08/07/2013 9:45 PM | Anonymous

I want to start off this month’s column thanking everyone that staffed the Oregon Brew Crew booth at the Oregon Brewers Festival.  We had over 20 people that staffed the booth and another 6+ that did brewing demos during the fest. In addition I saw countless OBC members volunteering to pour/serve at the festival. You have my thanks and gratitude for being such great volunteers and showing the public why this club is so great.


There are a lot of events coming up this month. First we have judging for the State Fair Homebrew contest this month. I’m the organizer of it and I need a lot more judges then what I currently have. We have 228 entries and not nearly enough judges to get through everything. I know that the Oregon Brew Crew traditionally has issues for driving to events further south of Tigard, but if you can come down for even a few hours, I could really use your help.


Then on the weekend of the 17th we have Hop Madness 2013 down at the Rogue Hop Farm in Independence Oregon. Now if you haven’t been to Hop Madness then you’ve been missing out. It’s an event that I got involved in about 3 years go (It’s the 11th year it’s been running) and it’s a chance to meet homebrews and drink hombrew from all over the state. We’ve had clubs from Washington, Idaho, California and Arizona all show up in addition to the clubs from Oregon that show up. We will also have fresh hop picking, and a hop farm tour.  It’s a low key, no pressure type event that allows you to drink and then camp out overnight at the Hop Farm.  I have been going for the past 7 years and I’ve always thought that the event makes for a nice relaxing weekend to meet new people and hopefully you will get a chance to experience the same thing.


Finally let’s cover what our August meeting is going to be about. First off our education topic will be all about water and why it’s so important to get the chemistry right for your beer. Josh has decided that we will finally have our Tacos! Tacos! Tacos! Meeting. If you’re interested in brining something that will accompany that please let Josh know. Finally Ted will be organizing the judging for Sessions Beers in our Style Competition program.


In addition this is going to be our first August meeting. In the past we’ve done a picnic that was sparsely attended. We wanted to capture the momentum we had from talking to everyone at the OBF and telling them to come check out our club. I anticipate a number of guests at this month’s meeting, so if you see someone you haven’t talked to before, please take the opportunity and talk to them about the club. Find out how they are brewing, what they are brewing and if they have any questions. Show them what’s great about this club.



Chris Hummert


Oregon Brew Crew

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