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September 2013: Competition Corner part 2

09/09/2013 4:12 PM | Anonymous member

OBC v. Tampa Bay BEERS Cross-Country Brew-Off: Round 2

September 14th is the day it all comes to an end: Judges in Asheville, NC at the Blue Ridge Brew-Off will determine which is the better beer brewer, the prime Pilsner producer: Oregon or… Florida.

Well I haven’t tasted Tampa Bay’s Pilsners, but I do know one thing: we’ve flown some amazing beers to North Carolina.  When you see these guys at the next meeting, you need to give them a high-five for Pilsners: Jason Barker, Mark Easton, Warren Johnson, Will Minderhout, Aaron Schnabel, and Rick Strauss.

Recent OBC Members Wins:

Speaking of Jason Barker’s Pilsner: it was recently selected in the Timber’s Army Homebrew Competition for the Full 90. Can’t wait to see this beer on tap at the games.

And because I haven’t mentioned him enough this month: congratulations to Jason Barker for winning Best of Show in this year’s Oregon State Fair Homebrew Competition. Also to Dave Hamilton, for placing 3rd in the Best of Show with his Raspberry Mead.

Other recent wins include: Chuck Macaluso took a 3rd in the Sasquatch competition, and a 2nd in Heart of the Valley, 2 1sts and a 2nd in Columbia River County Fair, 1 2nd and 1 1st in the Oregon State Fair,  and 1 2nd and 1 3rd place in the Spirits of Baker County competition. Jason Barker won 1 1st and 2 2nds in Heart of the Valley, 1 2nd in Spirits of Baker County, 2 1sts in Oregon Garden Classic, 1 1st in the NHC 1st round, 1 2nd in Sasquatch, and 4 1sts and 1 3rd in the Oregon State Fair (+ BOS).

Congratulations to all our excellent brewers that compete representing the OBC. This list is by no means complete: If I’ve missed your name and/or your wins, it’s because I’m writing this sober. Catch me at the meeting and buy me a beer.


Feel bad I didn't mention your name? Still looking for the one, last, big competition to dominate with your best brew? Well I have got the competition for you:

It’s time for the OBC FALL CLASSIC!!!!

That’s right, you too can join the ranks of Chuck Macaluso, Jason Barker, Mark Easton, and others (like me!) who want their “beer room” to look like the bosom of a Soviet-era general after the Great Patriotic War!

Wait, you don’t like medals? How about prizes? Like:

  • Having your winning recipe brewed to 15bbl at one of our local breweries with a master brewer?

  • A case of Mead!

  • A t-shirt or hat! Or hat!

Still not doing it for you? OK. I was hoping to just keep it for myself, since I didn’t win it at last year’s Holiday Party raffle, for the Best of Show winner, we’re handing over a 15 gallon stainless conical fermenter from STOUT Tanks and Kettles, valued at $500.

So bring your beer! We’ve got special categories for beer made with hops grown in Oregon, and this year just for kicks, we’ll take SODA POP too. Or pop, or soda. Any of those.

So you’re going to enter and you want to judge or steward too? GREAT! We can do that. You can sign up for both online. Tell your friends, tell your enemies: you’ll see them and their beers at the Fall Classic, October 26th at Portand Brewing.

Like Columbo says, “JUST ONE MORE THING:”

I have had such a great time this year, and we’re closing in on that time of year when each board member decides if they’re going to run again for the next year. I’d like to announce that there will be a vacancy for the position of Competition Chair for 2014. I don’t intend to serve in this role next year, but will instead be running for club President. If there was ever a time for a member to jump in and be supported by other club members who have done it before, this is that time (for me and you!). If you have any interest at all in helping your club by making sure we have a strong presence at competitions, please consider running for this position. You don’t have to (and can’t) do it all by yourself. So jump on in there. It’s a fun gig. And hey, you get to enjoy the summer!

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