September Presidential Pint

09/10/2013 5:10 PM | Anonymous

Just four more meetings left for the 2013 Oregon Brew Crew. It seems like as a board, we just started a few weeks ago and it’s funny how fast that time goes. But in these final few months the board has a number of business items to put forward to the membership. First we are planning 2 bylaw revisions. The first one will deal with Board Member indemnification and is pretty long, but straightforward when you read the plan English version of it. The second is clearing up some language about board member removal, which was prompted by a situation earlier this year when the person elected for the communications chair left without telling anyone and we had to wait the 3 months for them to no-show to the board meetings in order to formally remove them. Both of these revisions will be published in a separate article that gives the full details of the revisions and why we need to do them.

Additionally we will be presenting the 2014 budget for the membership to review in next month’s newsletter. The format of this will be the same as last year’s where we have a link to the forum for discussion about the budget and hopefully we can get all the questions and answers out of the way so that the November Election meeting can go as quick as possible.

Speaking of the November Elections meeting, have you ever thought about running for the board? If so now is the time to start thinking about running for the 2014 board. I know some people think that it takes a ton of free time and saps your soul, but it’s really not that bad. I’ve been doing it for the past 4 years and a total of 6 years, so it’s either enjoyable or I’m slightly insane (it could be a combination of both). If you are interested then please come up to a current board member or email them and find out questions about their job and what they have to do during the year. It can be a really rewarding experience and quite enjoyable.

In addition the board will be hosting an open meeting at the Green Dragon on September 30th at 7pm. If you want to come to the meeting feel free to show up, but I would prefer that you send me an email. We’re going to be using the little room in the back I want to make sure we don’t run out of space if we have too many people show up. These meetings last anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half, but you get to sit around and drink beer so they go pretty quickly. Last year when we did this the board covered 1 beer for each person that showed up, so yea for free beer.  

Let’s cover what our September meeting is going to be about. First off our education topic will be the trials and tribulations of starting a brewery. Our education chair Aaron Hanson has been in the process of starting one out in Sandy and will let us know all about the process he’s gone through so far. We’re still not sure what Josh is planning for food, but if you want to bring something please contact him and let him know. If you’re interested in bringing something that will accompany that please let Josh know. Ted will be organizing the judging for Belgian Strong Beers in our Style Competition program. Finally if you want to bring a keg and hook it up to our club jockey box, have 2 taps currently open, so if you’re bringing beer to the meeting and would like to put it on the jockey box please let me know so I can reserve a spot for you.


As our August meeting showed, we has a number of guest from that came to check out the club via the info they got from the Oregon Brewers Festival. I anticipate we will probably still see a number of guests at September’s meeting. So if you see someone you haven’t talked to before, please take the opportunity and talk to them about the club. Find out how they are brewing, what they are brewing and if they have any questions. Show them what’s great about this club.



Chris Hummert


Oregon Brew Crew

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