2014 Proposed Budget

10/14/2013 11:43 PM | Anonymous

The Budget is pretty self-explanatory. If you have any questions, please ask over on our forum discussion located here:


Budget A (Balanced):


Budget B (Unbalanced):


The basic difference you will see between the Balanced and Unbalanced Budgets is that we cut back on education and educational activities. The BJCP takes the biggest hit as almost 50% of the unbalanced budget. If you’ve looked over our finances for the past few years you can see the nature of the club is that we traditional go with an unbalanced budget, but we never seem to use it. For example next year someone may not step up and organize a bus trip. That money sits there unused and by the end of the fiscal year we’re then running at a surplus.  That’s just the nature of the club, plan for everyone to do everything possible and run a surplus when some of the things don’t happen.

The line items are as follows:

Line A: $300 - McCracken Scholarship Fund Donation 2012

Line B: $300 - Should the club make a contribution in the amount of $300 to the Glen Hay Falconer Foundation in the form of a hole sponsorship at the pro-am?

Line C: $300 - Bottler's Mausoleum restoration in Lone Fir Cemetery - George Bottler was a pioneer of craft brewing in Portland (he established the second brewery in the city which was later taken over by Weinhard)

Line D: $500 - New popup canopy for festivals

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