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October Board Meeting Minutes

11/01/2013 11:27 AM | Deleted user
OBC Board Meeting Minutes
Date: October 22, 2013
Time: 7:00 p.m.
Location: Ecliptic
Members Present: President, Chris Hummert; Vice-President, Warren Johnson; Treasurer, Will Minderhout; Secretary, Rick Okamura; Education Committee Chair, Aaron Hanson; Competition Committee Chair, Ted Assur; Burgermeister, Josh Huerta
Members Absent
(Excused Y/N?): Festival Coordinator, Lee Hedgmon (N); Communications Committee Chair, Seamus King (N)
Next Board Meeting: December 8, 2013, 1:00 P.M. at Belmont Station

1) Communications: Newsletter format used last month that included the text of the articles is discussed as being preferred to only including links to articles. Ted mentions that this has the added benefit of limiting the communication to the relative privacy of distribution to the membership, rather than to the public at large.
a. Need to prepare candidate bio’s for the newsletter; Chris will send out an E-Mail reminder.

2) Fall Classic:
a. 375 Entries; 45 Judges registered
b. Bottle Sort was a success

3) Three Mugs OBC Social: Very poor attendance (3 members); The event likely suffered from inadequate marketing, possibly a travel issue for some members, or the fact that it was held so soon after the HOTD meeting; may have benefitted from an expanded audience (invitations to other homebrew clubs). Possibility of holding an out meeting at Three Mugs sometime during the summer was discussed.

4) November Election Meeting:
a. Mark Easton will put together a Survey Monkey ballot for E-Mail distribution as the absentee ballot. Chris will initiate the collaboration on this.
b. Ballots should be E-Mailed to the membership on November 7th.
c. Warren will assist Rick with the ballot validation.
d. Josh confirms the food vendor is set.

5) Warren was able to purchase a case of HOTD’s release, “Otto”. Bottles will be divided among the board and also raffled off at the holiday party.

6) Teach a Friend to Homebrew Day: Need to solicit demonstration brewers for FHS event. Should be able to scrape together a $150 food budget to grill burgers and dogs. Promote event (Website, E-Mail, and Facebook).

7) Liquor Liability Insurance: Chris will confirm that the liability insurance premium is paid.

8) New Candidates for 2014 Board:
a. President: Ted Assur
b. Vice President: Will Minderhout
c. Treasurer: Dylan VanDetta
d. Secretary: Rick Okamura
e. Competition: Joel Sherman
f. Education: Jacob Strohmaier & Paul Johnson (“PJ”)
g. Communications: Seamus King
h. Festival Coordinator: Lee Hedgmon
i. Burgermeister: Jason Barker

9) Holiday party: keep your eyes out for potential donations for the raffle.
a. $100 budget approved for children’s activities.
b. Funds are available to make a raffle prize purchase if necessary.

10) Bung Award nominees discussed.

11) Ecliptic should be approached about hosting an out meeting in February.

12) Chris will be taking over the SMaSH for Tim. The project will resume next year, probably with a revised recipe formulation.

13) Dues Change Proposal –Mark Easton: Board discussed the advantages/disadvantages of changing the membership dues structure. Discussion was tabled for future evaluation and a possible survey of the membership

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