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11/09/2013 11:06 PM | Anonymous

To cut this short and if you haven’t read the past 2 months’ worth of newsletters, the board has proposed changing up the bylaws. If you want to read them ahead of the November meeting and help us keep the number of questions down so we can enjoy this out meeting please view the full text of the changes and discussions about them at the following locations:

Bylaw Discussion

2014 Budget Discussion:

In addition if you can’t make it to the November meeting, then please make sure to request an absentee ballot. Since we have bylaw changes this year it’s very important that every member votes, because if we don’t have a quorum then none of this will count. The board has put a lot of time and effort into this project and we would appreciate your help. You can request an absentee ballot by emailing me at or at

Ballots will be sent out starting Monday morning and you will be able to vote up until 3pm on Thursday November 14th.  We have to cut it off by then so we can have a count tallied up and ready to go for the club meeting later that night. I will also be sending out an email on Sunday/Monday reminding everyone about absentee ballots.

Our November meeting will be at the new Breakside location in Milwaukie. With this being both an “out” meeting and an elections meeting the format is going to be a little bit different. First we are encouraging everyone to show up early. We can’t vote without a quorum present so the faster everyone shows up, the faster we can get the elections over with. Second when you check in you will be given a ballot and a ticket good for one beer. After (and only after) the elections portion of the meeting is over, you will turn your ballot in and receive your second ticket for beer. You can feel free to not pay attention to the elections, candidates and budget then fill in your ballot and do whatever, but your ballot will not be accepted until after the election portion of the meeting has finish and you will not receive your ticket for beer until then. As a counterpoint to this, I promise to keep the elections portion of the meeting on track and moving along. Finally we will have a food cart called “Bro Dogs” there providing everyone with an opportunity to have something to fill their stomachs.  

In closing I would like to announce that we have changed up the location of our Holiday party this year. For many years it’s been at the Latvian Center but it’s become apparent that we’ve started to outgrow the location. This year we have booked the Oregon Public House which is just a little bit bigger and is in a more centralized location for everyone. I will give more details on the changes coming to this year’s holiday party in next months’ newsletter, but I’ll leave you with knowing that we will have a more streamlined club raffle that has been redesigned to not take all freaking night long.



Chris Hummert


Oregon Brew Crew

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