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Last Presidential Pint of 2013 / OBC Holiday Party Speech

12/17/2013 10:59 PM | Anonymous

So instead of coming up with something meaningless to talk about in this last Presidential Pint I figured I would post my speech from the Holiday party for everyone to read. I appreciated and thoroughly enjoyed being your president and I would like to thank everyone who helped make this the best club there ever was.


Chris Hummert


Oregon Brew Crew


For those of you who still don’t know me, I’m Chris Hummert and I would like to welcome everyone to the 2013 Oregon Brew Crew Holiday Party (toast)

I also want to start this event off with a Woohoo!!! This is the last time I have get up here and talk.

I’ve never been much of a public speaker. I remember that the first time I had to get up in front of the club was at the 2012 elections meeting when Mark couldn’t make it to the meeting. I remember being nervous as all hell and in a mild state of panic as I was talking to everyone. Thankfully I have to say I think I’ve gotten better as 2013 went on. Being your president has conquered the fear of public speaking for me and I appreciate the opportunity.

As most of you know I’m from Salem. I’ve had a lot of people ask me why I drive all the way up to Portland every month to go to Brew Crew meeting when there are clubs down in my area. So I thought that I would share that story tonight.

About 10 years ago my friend Brian Mathweg started making homebrew. I tried a few of his beers and when I didn’t go blind I realized that this was a hobby I could really get into. We took a road trip down to Standford for and Oregon State game and on the way we stopped by More Beer and pick some equipment up for me.

A few weeks later he drove up from Medford and helped me with my first batch. I was impressed with my first results and continued to brew on my own for about a year. During this time I was writing a weekly article on College Football betting and I mentioned I started homebrewing in it. One of our members at the time, KeAloha told me about the Oregon Brew Crew and said I should come up and check it out.

The first meeting I went to I meet Mark Easton, Bill Schneller, Bob Farrell and a host of other people. Everyone was sharing their homebrew and there was some education topic of some kind and from then on I was hooked on the OBC. There were lots of people that were passionate about this club and I was exposed to the wide world of homebrewing.

Over the years I’ve gone to meetings at other clubs, but I keep coming back to the Oregon Brew Crew. The people of this club are a real selling point and I’m proud to say I’m one of you.


Speaking of outstanding people it’s time to recognize the efforts of some of the outstanding members of the club. With that, let’s present the 2013 Oregon Brew Crew Bung Awards

Pulp Bung
This award expresses our appreciation for the efforts to promote craft beer appreciation and education through the printed word.

The Oregon Brew Crew would like to present this award to Ginger Johnson for her efforts in running womenenjoyingbeer.com 

Jim Kennedy Entrepreneurial Bung
Jim Kennedy was a long time supporter of the club, and went to extraordinary efforts to promote the understanding and appreciation of good beer as an owner and manager of local beer distribution firms. This Bung honors that same spirit in the owners and/or managers of local craft beer related enterprises.

The Oregon Brew Crew would like to present this award to Crosby Hop Farm for their efforts this year in promoting homebrewing

Merle Gilmore Memorial Bung
Formerly the Orange Bung, this award acknowledges exemplary volunteer service to the club. This award was renamed in honor of the 2006 recipient, who passed away the following year.

This year we has a member named Dave Cato pass away. His estate gave his beer engine to the Oregon Brew Crew. Unfortunately we had no way to mount it up at meetings. The board decided to ask the membership for help. This member stepped in and created a beautiful cabinet for it that hopefully everyone has had a chance to see and use tonight. Because the effort that this member made, the Oregon Brew Crew would like to award the Merle Gilmore Memorial Bung to Brian Haslip

(Special) Smashed Bungs
Over the years the board has created special bungs. Last year we awarded Warren Johnson with the Rubber Meets the Road bung for his efforts in organizing bus trips. In the past the board has awarded a Green bung for Worst Homebrew of the Year, The bone bung to Alan at Hair of the dog and a Shutter Bug bung to Bob Brewer for taking pictures at OBC events.

This year we had someone that stepped up and the board felt they needed reconizition for all of their efforts. This person created our SMaSH program (which stands for Single Malt and Single Hops). He organized brewers, made sure we had feedback forms at the meetings and then he gathered all that data and put it all together for us on the website. For his efforts this year the Oregon Brew Crew would like to aware the Smashed bung to Tim Brinson

Red Bung
Also known as the “Beer Lover’s Award”, this recognizes the recipient’s unbridled passion for good beer, and distinguishes their efforts to share that enthusiasm with others

This year the Oregon Brew Crew would like to present the award to Jeremy Frey for his efforts at Steinbarts in promoting the creation of good homebrewed beer.

Silver Bung
“Homebrewer of the Year” This is awarded to the winner of the Oregon Brew Crew’s annual Homebrewer of the Year (HBotY) points competition. Members accumulate points for entering, winning, and otherwise participating in competitions, as well as volunteering to help in general club activities.

The Oregon Brew Crew would like to present the Silver Bung to Jason Barker

Chuck Macaluso

Golden Bung
This award is intended to honor a craft beer or homebrewing industry personality for efforts to promote or support the trade from a commercial perspective.

The recipients of tonight’s award did something we all thought involved a little bit of insanity. If you know them then you probably question their sanity too. These guys gathered kegs of beer from clubs here in the Northwest, drove them from Portland Oregon all the way to the National Homebrewing Convention in Philadelphia. From following their journey on Facebook I believe it was about 3 and a half days’ worth of driving

For those efforts, the Oregon Brew Crew would like to award our 2013 Golden Bung to Brew Brothers              

Recognizing the 2013 Board

First I need to recognize my wife, Josie. I’ve been on the board for 4 years in a row and I’ve spent countless hours away from the home doing work for the Oregon Brew Crew. During this time she’s taken care of the kids while I’ve been out of the house enjoying beer without her. I don’t think that I’ve heard her grumble about it because she knows about my passion for this club. When I told her I was going to do the education chair position in 2014 I do think she rolled her eyes, but I thank her once again for being so supportive.

Volunteer Committee Chair – Lee Hedgmon
Lee has done one of the best jobs setting up and organizing our booths at the various events we participate in that I can remember. She was always on top of having plenty of pamphlets for our booth, organizing displays, and the real thankless part of this job which is organizing people to staff the booth during these festivals.

Burgermeister – Josh Huerta
I believe there were a couple of board meetings where Josh would tell us his ideas for food for a in or out meeting and I would think in my head “I’m not sure this is going to work out.” Fortunately Josh proved me wrong every time. Josh has done wonderful job of organizing food for the meetings and making sure we have something in our stomachs before we start drinking.

Communications Chair – Seamus King
I have to give out a special thanks to Seamus for putting up with me and being late on articles. Seamus stepped up and took over the communications chair position after the person elected to do it off and left for Colorado without telling us. So I’m thankful that he stepped up and volunteered his time like that. Now I’m the type of person that can talk and talk and talk about a subject to no end, but when I have to sit down in front of a computer and push buttons to get my thoughts out, its pure torture. I’m glad Bruce didn’t tell you how bad I was before you took this job but I also have to say thank you for doing the job.

Education Chair – Arron Hanson
Aaron stepped up and brought the education chair up to a new level this year. We had multiple events where we would have handouts, power point slides and other more interactive ways learning. He was also responsible for getting the OBC projector and screen which will allow future education chairs to have the option to do those things too.
Treasurer – Will Minderhout
Being the treasurer is no easy task. You basically get thrown into the fire in January and you get a really quick crash course from the previous treasure on how everything should go before you get thrown to the wolves and put in charge of a 5 figure bank account. Will stepped up did a wonderful job keeping our finances organize and doing anything else asked of him. I heard nothing but great things about his job as cellar master at this year’s Fall Classic and I was impressed by his level of organization.

Secretary – Rick Okamura
Rick did a great job of writing down the importation parts of our board meetings and leaving out some of the crazy things I say. He did a great job of getting the notes for both the board meeting and the general meetings posted online for people to see. In addition he looked out for the club by taking a look at our liability insurance and getting us protected where there were gaps in our coverage. I know that our current board thanks you for your efforts and that future boards will also be thankful that you looked out for them.

Vice President – Warren Johnson
Warren was the master of getting the out meetings set up. At the beginning of the year I thought setting up out meetings was a task I could take on in addition to all my other duties but I believe Warren saw that I was getting overwhelmed and stepped up to do the job. He did a fantastic job getting all the bits and pieces involved in and out meeting together. He also organized our canning event which was a fantastic experience for everyone and I hope we’re able to do it again. Warren was my rock and I knew that I could count on him for whatever task was needed.

Past President – Mark Easton
I don’t think I can count the number of times I started a text or phone call to Mark with “Hey I need to know what we did last year in this situation” Some OBC past presidents have disappeared never to be heard from again, Mark didn’t do that and was there for me in my times of need

Competition Chair – Ted Assur
For everyone that thought “hey you forgot about the competition chair, well I saved him for last for a reason.

Before this year I really didn’t know Ted very well. I interacted with him a few times at meetings but never really got the chance to talk to him. For those of you that know me I can come on pretty strong at times. Yea I know, real shocker….Sometimes my personality just doesn’t work out for some people and at the beginning of the year I thought that we were going to have problems. I can be like that square peg you’re trying to put into that round hole. Thankfully as the year went on that didn’t hold us back.

Ted brought back the skills competition program and revitalized club interest in it. He actually got people entering it all year long which was the challenge that I think every competition chair in the history of the Brew Crew has had. Then he came up to me and proposed the idea of doing the Heart of Cascadia competition and I thought in my head “you’re crazy to take on another competition” but it turned out wonderful.

Then if that wasn’t enough, he went out and talked smack to some wanna be hop enthusiasts from Tampa Bay and created a cross nation, club vs club competition. Which we only lost due to lousy judging ☺

Finally he helped revitalize the Fall Classic and brought the number of entries back up to the levels we saw back in 2005 and 2006. When all was said and done he had XXX entries. He was responsible for organizing people to help sort that mess, get bottles to where they were needed and getting them evaluated. I heard lots of great feedback about the job that Ted did in organizing and putting on the event.

Those are just a touch of some of the things he has done for the club. I would like to personally say to Ted that he has done a fantastic job this year and I’m proud to be formally handing the reigns over to him. He has a wonderful passion for the club and an enthusiasm that I haven’t seen for years. I think that with his leadership we are all going to have a great year. Let’s welcome your 2014 Oregon Brew President, Ted Assur

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