The Presidential Pint

03/13/2014 9:51 PM | Deleted user
The Presidential Pint
by Ted Assur

Winter keeps hanging on into March this year. Schlenkerla’s Rauchbier Märzen is an ornery sort of beer to match my feelings towards the weather and the irritating shortness of February. If you want anise crisp märzen with a side of bacon in it, this one’s for you.

On the flip side, I am thrilled about all I have learned from folks about the OBC this last month: As we get closer to submitting our entry for the inaugural Radegast Club of the Year Award with the AHA, I have had a chance to speak to so many great former and current members and our partners in the industry that maintain collaborative attitudes with each other and with us, the homebrewing community. I wanted to personally thank all who came to last month’s meeting with John Harris of Ecliptic to join in showing off what makes this club the greatest.

Things are picking up steam this month with activities you’ll likely want to know about, and they won’t slow down until the end of summer:

Former OBC Presidents Mark Easton and Chris Hummert are kicking off our next BJCP class and test exclusive to new judges in order to get some more folks in the pool to handle our chronic regional shortfalls.

Strange Brew’s Slurp & Burp comes around early this year, kicking off the 2014 competition season and will be held at 13 Virtues Brewing on March 15. FH Steinbart is hosting the complimentary OBC Basic Brewing Class for all our members who are just getting started in our delicious hobby.

Speaking of picking up steam, I wanted to take a moment to thank the members of your OBC Board for all their efforts in keeping up the energy and spirit of the club: I find myself being sent out of state for work a bunch this month and am comforted to find the club in great hands when I’m not around. Each time we meet they’ve got good news to share or exciting ideas to try out. The great attitude and spirit of volunteerism in each of them makes this club one I’m thrilled to be a part of. Please be surety offer them a hand if anything they do interests you: just a couple of extra hands makes their jobs so much easier.

Were I making beer right now, it would be a Dry Irish Stout. It’s by far my favorite session beer to make, and I favor tossing in just a touch of Acidulated Malt when I make it. It’s a simple and pleasant beer to brew, and I find I need to make larger batches of it, as it seems to flow quickly from my taps.

Rumor has it, I may be allowed near a brewing rig again sometime this month, and will be able to share some with you soon. I leave you with a little Irish Brewers’ Blessing:

May your runnings all get to your kettle.
May your hops never be cheesy.
May your boils always be full.
And your gravity always hit target (or better). And until we meet again,
May you enjoy good beer with great friends.

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