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OBC Membership Approves $500 to help Flint!

02/25/2016 5:19 PM | Deleted user

We are launching a coalition of breweries, water service companies, and homebrew clubs to help the families who live in Flint, MI.  

If you are not aware already, the water source for Flint was changed from Detroit's water supply (Lake Huron & the Detroit River) to the Flint River to save money. The water from the Flint River is highly corrosive and was not treated properly. This led to the water pipes in Flint to become damaged and leech out lead and other contaminants. This water should not be bathed in let alone consumed. Lead poisoning in children leads to long term learning disabilities. Many of the residents of Flint are poor and do not have a car so cannot easily get access to the bottled water that is being distributed.

Fortunately, the city has since switched the water source back to the original source, however, the damage to the pipes has been done and the water is still poisonous. 

Read more about the crisis in this American city, here:


Our donation will be used as seed money to get additional donors from the brewing and water treatment communities. Ultimately, 100% of the funds raised will go to help the folks of Flint.

To date, we have pledges of support from the following companies and clubs:

  • Clean Water Services
  • Montavilla Brew Works
  • Pints & Zoiglhaus
  • Coin Toss Brewing
  • Genessee Brewers Club

Here's where you can help!

We need volunteers to help reach out to breweries and homebrew clubs to partner with us. If you are interested in helping, please send an email to treasurer@oregonbrewcrew.org.

Thank you for your support!

For social media communications, use #BeerForFlint


Dylan VanDetta

OBC Treasurer

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