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2011 Collaborator Winner Announcement

06/25/2011 11:06 AM | Anonymous
Greetings everyone!

   Here's some big news on the joint Widmer/OBC project known as Collaborator. The 2011 Collaborator judging was held on Wednesday, June 15th to the tune of 47 varied style homebrews created exclusively by Oregon Brew Crew members. Amongst the unique entries this year were a Smoked Rye, an Earl Grey Kölsch, Oatmeal Raisin Cookie beer, and a Licorice Lager. Let it not be said that this project doesn't get it's fair share of highly experimental brews. Not all beers can win though, but there were three definite standouts; the winners have already been notified.

   To be sure, the delay in public notification of the winning beers was due to the need for recipe clarification and determination of the ability to safely brew them. So without further delay, I present the winners of this year's Collaborator:

   Josh Huerta with a Pineapple Weizen Ale
   Colin Reese with a Sour Pale Ale
   John Heasley and co-brewer Rich Hawthorne with a Dunkel Starkbier Lager

   As a general note, the sour pale ale was not soured *after* primary fermenatation, but rather prior to the boil as a sour mash. Then, after lautering, the wort was boiled, sterilizing any leftover souring bugs. Voilà! "Safe" sour beer!

   Congratulations again to our winners, and cheers!

   Jeremie Landers
   Oregon Brew Crew | Competition Chair

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