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Fall Classic prize go-getters wanted

09/06/2011 9:27 AM | Anonymous
Hey everyone,

   I need some people to step up and help coordinate canvassing prizes from local and regional beer-related businesses for the Fall Classic raffle and competition. It's real easy to do, and it gives you the opportunity to meet with and speak to professionals in the beer biz. You may even make some new friends!

   Here's the gist: I will provide volunteers a list of businesses to contact via email, phone, or in person (whatever works best for you) and tell them about the competition (I'll help you with what to say too), and then ask if they would like to help participate by sponsoring a category in the competition. This means that if they donate raffle prizes, or one of the big prizes for Best of Show or 1st or 2nd runner up, we will put their logo on our website (in a prominent spot if they donate for the BoS prizes!), and we'll put their business name next to the category in the results sheet that will come out after the competition (which will become a permanent page on our website). As well; we will read off their name during the award ceremony with the category they sponsored. Not bad advertisement for a simple prize donation!

   Prizes can include materials to make beer (grain, hops, yeast coupons, chemicals, you name it), tools and hardware (buckets, mash paddle, mash tun, really any hardware), logo growlers (with or without fill), stickers, bottled beer, gift certificates, beer magazine subscriptions, creating a recipe with a brewmaster and/or brewing it, having a beer named after you, an invite to attend brewing seminar, a private tour with a brewer and their brewery, and overnight stay at a brewpub with attached apartment. I mean really *anything* beer or homebrew related can qualify as a prize and there is no limit to the imagination; feel free to get creative! I basically need to make up a list of businesses to canvas, to give a good head start, and disseminate that list to volunteers who will follow up with those businesses. You don't even need to pickup the prize in most cases if you don't want to; just let me know and I can do it.

   Do you have it in you to volunteer for your homebrew club like so many other members of other clubs do? Contact me at competition@oregonbrewcrew.org and let me know; I'm happy to have your assistance.


   Jeremie Landers
   Oregon Brew Crew | Competition Chair

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