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  • 03/16/2013 3:51 PM | Anonymous

    SMaSH 7 – Sorachi Ace

    I thought this was a very interesting flavor. There was something I tasted but didn’t know how to describe it. While filling out the form it hit me “Bourbon Whiskey”. A couple other fill in descriptions were Coconut which I think is another good description.

    Will Minderhout selected Sorachi Ace as the mystery hop for this brew. Will also brewed it. Thank you Will! Congratulations to our winners: Paul Johnson and Mark Glasby.

    The following four people demonstrated they have well refined taste. They correctly guessed the mystery hop for Mystery SMaSH 7 is Sorachi Ace. Great job!

    •        Paul Johnson – first guess
    •      Mark Glasby – first guess
    •      Michael Corbet – third guess
    •     <anonymous> – first guess

    Thank you all for making the Mystery SMaSH 7 a success. We had 24 forms turned in (a bit of a drop from 37 at the previous meeting). There were 46 guesses for the hop and 92 descriptions filled out! Checkout the graphs and data on the Education Page.

    Some of the popular guesses were.

    Saaz - 6 guesses
    Sorachi Ace - 4 guesses
    10 hops - 2 guesses
    16 hops - 1 guess

    The most popular descriptor categories were:

    Floral - 11
    Citrus - 9
    Vegetable – 8
    Tropical Fruit – 7

    The standout descriptions were:

    Hibiscus – 3

    Coconut – 2 write in descriptions (I will update the form to include this)

    SMaSH 8

    Mathew Geltzeiler (winner of SMaSH 6) has selected the mystery hop and malt for Mystery SMaSH 8, to be served at the 2013 April meeting. In case you didn’t catch that, there will be both a mystery hop and a mystery malt for the April meeting.

    Jacob Strohmaier volunteered to brew this. It is finishing up fermenting now. Thank you Jacob!

  • 03/14/2013 9:45 AM | Anonymous

    This month we’re focusing on the hop giants, CDA and IPAs. With a few opportunities coming to showcase your beer in late April and early May, and getting that ‘pop’ of fresh hoppy beer, you want your hop flavor and aroma to be fresh at the competition. That means getting your beer there fresh. This as close as you’re going to get and still make it in.

    Cascadian Dark Ale

    By now, you might have heard about this little kerfuffle I’ve kicked out to world, called the Heart of Cascadia. Registration started March 1st for the event, and it looks like folks have heard the call. Cascadia has some defense to do, and I’ve been thrilled at the number of OBC members interested in jumping in.  To say we have a local advantage is an understatement: great water, local ingredients, local judges, and the best guide to the style around:

    If you missed Abram Goldman-Armstrong’s thorough coverage of the style, or missed the opportunity to ask him questions at the February meeting, we’ll be posting notes on the OBC web site.  Here is one of the recipes Abram kindly shared with the club:


    (for 10 gal)

    20# Gambrinus Organic Pilsner Malt

    2# Great Western Organic C-60

    1# Weyermann Organic Carafa II debittered malt

    12 ounces Briess Dark Chocolate Malt

    1 ounce Magnum 14.2%a.a. 60 minutes

    1.5 ounces Amarillo 9% a.a. 60 minutes

    1 ounce Organic Summit Pellets 13.2% a.a. at 15 minutes

    2 ounces Centennial 11.3% a.a. at 15 minutes

    1 ounce Centennial at flame off

    2 ounces Amarillo  at flame off

    OG 1056 FG 1011 Fermented with Hopworks yeast slurry (1318)


    Entries will be due at any your local brew shops Friday, April 12th.


    By now, you might have heard about this other little kerfuffle I’ve kicked out to Florida, called the “OBC vs. Tampa Bay BEERS Cross Country Brew-Off.” OBC got to pick the first round, and we’re sending 12 entries to represent the club at the High Plains Drafter’sEight Seconds of Froth. I am thrilled by the response of OBC members interested in brewing for this event and we’ve got a wait-list of people in the wings to make sure we’re fully represented. I’ll be entering this event with a recipe based off of the 2012 NHC winning recipe for IPA.

    Thanks to all who signed up, and if you’re not on the list for the BEERS Brew-off that’s ok. I’m happy to add you to the waitlist. But , that’s not the only reason to make an IPA!

    I’m also “leveraging the schedule:”

    If you look at the “When to Brew” calendar, in addition to the Brew-Off, we’ve got the 6th round of this year’s Club Only Competition (Extract Beers) due in April, and a Style Competition Program for American IPA in May. I’m brewing once and entering all of these events! The beer I’m making (right after I write this article, actually) is a partial-mash American IPA which qualifies it for all three. If you’re limited on brew-days (like I am), but want to enter more competitions, look ahead at the schedule (or your schedule) and plan for where you want your beers to go.

    Are you not brewing All-Grain? Brew ANY Style

    Don’t feel left out! We’ve got a competition for you: The last round of this season’s Club-Only is for any style beer that use at least 50% extract. That means entries are required to use all extract or be partial-mash entries. The sky’s the limit!



  • 03/11/2013 11:59 AM | Anonymous

    Congratulations to Mark Easton for taking 2nd place with his Mosaic Pale Ale and to Jacob Strohmaier for taking 3rd place with his Day Tripper Bitter in the Slurp-n-Burp 2013 Best of Show. The OBC had a fantastic showing by taking home 17 total medals.


    Mark Easton:

                2nd Place – Mosaic Pale/Best of Show

                1st Place – Mosaic Pale/10A: American Pale Ale

                3rd Place – Nelson Pale/10A: American Pale Ale

                2nd Place - Vortex Berliner Weiss/17A: Berliner Weisse

                3rd Place – Red Gravy/19B: English Barleywine

                1st Place - Crisp Cider/27A: Common Cider


    Rick Okamura

                HM - Suzie’s Munich/1D: Munich Helles


    Jeremy Evans

                1st Place - Schlosser Alt/7C: Dusseldorf Altbier


    Jacob Strohmaier

                3rd Place – Day Tripper/Best of Show

                1st Place - Day Tripper/8B: Special/Best/Premium Bitter

                2nd Place - Ganandolf- Hyrulian Dark Ale/32A: SB4-CDA


    Bill Lewis

                3rd Place – Harry’s Stupify Porter/12B: Robust Porter


    Chad Berset-Price

                2nd Place – Belgian Silk/18B: Belgian Dubbel


    Charles Macaluso

                3rd Place – Gin Me Up Scotty/22B: Other Smoked Beer


    Jason Barker

                2nd Place - Jason’s Bourbon Stout/23A: Specialty Beer


    Warren Johnson

                3rd Place - Augustus Gloop Redux/23A: Specialty Beer


    Dimitri Kordalis

                1st Place – Hot Rod Red/

    31A: SB3-Extreme


    Great job to everyone who won! To see the full list of winners, please visit the Slurp-n-Burp 2013 website

  • 03/11/2013 11:33 AM | Anonymous

    Greetings Beer Judges!


    This year's Sasquatch homebrew competition is coming up on Saturday, April 27th. Judging will take place at the Eugene Hilton, starting at 10:00 AM. This is a BJCP-sanctioned competition (points, woo!). Lunch and beer will be provided. As in the past, there will be morning and afternoon judging sessions. 


    We have expanded the categories this year to include all Porters and Stouts (12 & 13), and so are expecting up to 150 entries. 


    You can register to judge or steward here:

    and to enter beer (due April 20) here:


    More information on the competition, and other relevant links can be found here:


    If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me. 



    Aaron Brussat

    2013 Sasquatch Homebrew Competition Organizer


    Sasquatch Brewfest

    Our Sponsor

  • 03/11/2013 11:29 AM | Anonymous
    The Capitol Brewers are holding the 8th Annual Homebrewers Classic on April 14th at the Oregon Gardens. For more information please check out the attached flyer:

    8th Annual Homebrewers Classic.pdf
  • 03/11/2013 11:24 AM | Anonymous

    Oregon State University has created online and on-site short courses for both professional and hobby brewers who want to refine their technical skills.

    The first course will begin May 15 with two days of online instruction on microbiology to be completed by June 10. It will be followed by in-class lessons at OSU’s brewery June 17-18 in Corvallis.

    The second class, which will focus on beer analysis, also begins May 15. Students must complete online lessons by June 10. Then they can take on-campus instruction at OSU’s brewery June 19-20.

    In both courses, class size is limited to 24 students and admission determined by experience level.

    To find out more about the courses or to register, visit the website:

  • 03/07/2013 9:54 AM | Anonymous

    OMG what’s happened to the newsletter? Why does it look so different?


    I know we’ve just blown your world. There is fire and brimstone coming down from the skies! Rivers and seas boiling! Forty years of darkness! Earthquakes, volcanoes...  The dead rising from the grave!  Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together... mass hysteria!


    All right, all right! I get the point!


    Actually we’ve moved the OBC a few years back into the future. We’ve created a blog where each board member can actually post their own articles, so I believe we’ve officially joined the year 2005? Maybe 2006 if we’re lucky. Now board members don’t have to wait for a set time of the month to actually post and have their articles published. These articles can be posted when they want and when they are needed. For example the SMaSH update can go a go up a few days after the meeting when it’s fresh on your minds instead of waiting a month to see the results in the newsletter. Finally it makes the newsletter easier for anyone to put together. If you know how to copy, paste and make text look pretty then you are now qualified to be the Communications Chair. No more need to know or teach yourself Indesign or Publisher.


    You can view this constantly updated site at:


    But Chris, does this mean we aren’t going to get a newsletter anymore? Fear not, you will still be getting a monthly newsletter that will look just like this one does.  It will be a collection of the articles that were posted over the past month in a simple and concise summary.


    So now that this has been set up, what does this mean to you?

    • Articles will be posted whenever they need to be instead of waiting for a set time every month
    • Looking for a past article? Instead of digging through the newsletters one by one, just head over the news page and do a search
    • You can subscribe to the News RSS feed and stay up to date without having to remember to check the website every day
    • An easier to view newsletter for mobile devices
    • A simpler, more streamline Communications Chair position

    Now that this has all been said, we are looking for feedback on the new format of the newsletter.  Just head over to the OBC forums and let us know what you like or don’t like. Please keep in mind that with over 300 members in the club there are going to be some things we can fix and some things we can’t, but we will take all constructive feedback under consideration.


    Remember that in April we are hosting the first ever Heart of Cascadia Competition. If you haven’t started brewing for this competition, then now is the time to start doing so. Ted has more details in his article this month.


    Our next meeting will be an in meeting on March 14th, 7:30 pm at Steinbarts. We will have Noel Blake talk about what makes a great collaborator beer and how to make you beer stand out from the rest of the competition.

  • 03/07/2013 9:16 AM | Anonymous

    SMaSH 6 – El Dorado

    Our past President, Mark Easton selected El Dorado as the mystery hop for this brew. Congratulations to our winner: Mathew Geltzeiler.

    Since El Dorado is so new we did mention that, as a hint. The following four people demonstrated they have well refined taste. They correctly guessed the mystery hop for Mystery SMaSH 6 is El Dorado. Great job!

    • ·         Mathew Geltzeiler – first guess
    • ·         Christina Budde – second guess
    • ·         Jared Seanus King – second guess
    • ·         Ryan Ward – second guess

    Thank you all for making the Mystery SMaSH 6 a big success. We had 36 forms turned in, a big jump from 6 turned in for SMaSH 5. There were 87 guesses for the hop and 191 descriptions filled out! The graphs and data should be showing up on the Education Page soon.

    Some of the popular guesses were.

    Mosaic - 8 guesses
    Citra - 7 guesses
    HBC 342 - 5 guesses
    Eldorado - 4 guesses
    Simcoe - 4 guesses

    The most popular descriptor categories were:

    Large Fruit - 21
    Citrus - 19
    Vegetable – 15
    Small Fruit - 14

    SMaSH 7

    Come out to the March meeting and guess the mystery hop for SMaSH 7! It was selected by and brewed by Will Minderhout. He had won Mystery SMaSH 5 by correctly guessing the mystery hop was Nelson Sauvin.

    SMaSH 8

    Mathew Geltzeiler (winner of SMaSH 6) has selected the mystery hop and malt for Mystery SMaSH 8, to be served at the 2013 April meeting. In case you didn’t catch that, there will be both a mystery hop and a mystery malt for the April meeting.

    Other news is that Jacob Strohmaier volunteered to brew this, which was done on Monday. It is bubbling away as I write. Thank you Jacob!

  • 03/06/2013 7:57 PM | Anonymous
    Event Style Brew it Due (for CoC this is at OBC)
    SCP APA (Single Recipe) Early Feb 2013 3/14/2013
    Heart of Cascadia CDA now! 4/12/2013
    AHA CoC Round 6 Extract Beers now! 4/9/2013
    OBC v. BEERS #1 IPA Mid March 2013 4/15/2013
    SCP American IPA Mid-Late March 2013 5/9/2013
    SCP Weizen/Weissbier Early May 2013 6/13/2013
    AHA CoC Round 1 ??
    July 2013
    AHA CoC Round 2 European Amber Lager Feb or Mar 2013 Aug 2013
    SCP Belgian Strong (Single Strain) April 2013 Sept 2013
    AHA CoC Round 3 ?? Oct 2013
    SCP Baltic Porter August 2013 Nov 2013
    AHA CoC Round 4 ??
    Dec 2013
    AHA CoC Round 5 Belgian Strong May 2013? Feb 2014
    AHA CoC Round 6 All Porters (12 as well as 20, 21, and 23) Feb 2014 for Cat 12 earlier for 20, 21 and 23 April 2014
    SCP Sours June 2013 June 2014
  • 03/06/2013 7:54 PM | Anonymous
    Registration opened March 1st for our new CDA style competition. We’ve already started to receive registrations from as far away as Illinois, Colorado and California. If you don’t plan on entering, please consider judging the event. Judge / entry registration is on the same website,

    April 20th at the Green Dragon. Entries due April 12th.

    Thanks to Brew Brothers for sponsorship and national promotion.

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