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  • 09/06/2011 9:27 AM | Anonymous
    Hey everyone,

       I need some people to step up and help coordinate canvassing prizes from local and regional beer-related businesses for the Fall Classic raffle and competition. It's real easy to do, and it gives you the opportunity to meet with and speak to professionals in the beer biz. You may even make some new friends!

       Here's the gist: I will provide volunteers a list of businesses to contact via email, phone, or in person (whatever works best for you) and tell them about the competition (I'll help you with what to say too), and then ask if they would like to help participate by sponsoring a category in the competition. This means that if they donate raffle prizes, or one of the big prizes for Best of Show or 1st or 2nd runner up, we will put their logo on our website (in a prominent spot if they donate for the BoS prizes!), and we'll put their business name next to the category in the results sheet that will come out after the competition (which will become a permanent page on our website). As well; we will read off their name during the award ceremony with the category they sponsored. Not bad advertisement for a simple prize donation!

       Prizes can include materials to make beer (grain, hops, yeast coupons, chemicals, you name it), tools and hardware (buckets, mash paddle, mash tun, really any hardware), logo growlers (with or without fill), stickers, bottled beer, gift certificates, beer magazine subscriptions, creating a recipe with a brewmaster and/or brewing it, having a beer named after you, an invite to attend brewing seminar, a private tour with a brewer and their brewery, and overnight stay at a brewpub with attached apartment. I mean really *anything* beer or homebrew related can qualify as a prize and there is no limit to the imagination; feel free to get creative! I basically need to make up a list of businesses to canvas, to give a good head start, and disseminate that list to volunteers who will follow up with those businesses. You don't even need to pickup the prize in most cases if you don't want to; just let me know and I can do it.

       Do you have it in you to volunteer for your homebrew club like so many other members of other clubs do? Contact me at and let me know; I'm happy to have your assistance.


       Jeremie Landers
       Oregon Brew Crew | Competition Chair
  • 08/30/2011 1:28 PM | Anonymous
    Our yearly AHA/BJCP sanctioned competition, the Fall Classic, has had its website updated. Please click here to check it out. Thanks!
  • 08/13/2011 1:00 PM | Anonymous
    [The following text includes liberally lifted and modified snippets from, the Belmont Station emailer, Facebook page Support Our Abe, and]

    Abram Goldman-Armstrong is currently facing extremely large medical bills and rehabilitation expenses upwards of $10k and is unfortunately not eligible for remunerative assistance. As well, due to the physical nature of his profession, he will be unable to work for multiple months while awaiting recovery following the recent knee surgery to repair his torn meniscus and ACL.

    Various businesses and some of Abe's friends are attempting to raise money for this highly-supportive member of our community who touches so many integral aspects of Portland’s culture: craft beer, Timbers, and love of the Cascadia region. In addition to cheerleading Portland culture, as an avid homebrewer, he has held various OBC board positions as President, Communications Chair, and Festival Coordinator, faithfully serving for multiple years.

    If you would like to help to Support Our Abe, come on out for one or more of the various events being held below.

       Thanks and cheers!

       Supporters Of Abe


    Moon & Sixpence (Aug. 13th):
    "The Moon & Sixpence on August 13th with The Rendezvous String Band, featuring Abe’s father, entertaining us on the back patio. There will be a raffle including vintage Timbers gear, current Timbers gear, tickets, scarves, gift certificates, shirts, sweatshirts and various other swag! There should also be a keg that with every pint purchased a portion will go to Abe!"

    Belmont Station (Aug 22nd):
    "Belmont Station on Monday, August, 22nd will hold CDAbe Day where they will be pouring a variety of Cascadian Dark Ales with 100% of the proceeds going to help pay Abe's medical expenses. It's his tireless pursuit which culminated in the category, if not the name, being recognized as an official judged category by the Brewers Association. Expect to see Barley Brown's, Natian, Widmer, Elliott Bay, Rock Bottom, Oakshire, Boneyard, Stone, Phillips and more. Let's make sure Abe can keep walking and doing his tireless evangelizing for craft beer."

    Saraveza (Aug 27th):
    Full event details are forthcoming and will be posted to the OBC Local Event Calendar as they come to fruition.

    Bailey's Taproom (September 4th):
    Details are being worked up as this is being typed. More info will be posted to the OBC Local Event Calendar.

    There is an eBay auction with various sports related items, a forthcoming auction featuring some rare beers from Abe's cellar (coming soon, stay tuned), and an email address to use for PayPal donations:
  • 08/13/2011 12:09 PM | Anonymous member
    The movie's premiere is going to be extra special as there will be a on stage panel of women in the industry, the film itself, of course, and the Bagdad will put Deschutes and Bend Brewing beer on tap that will be available for only $3 a pint. They really need to fill the theater up to not lose money and profits are needed to get this film into festivals and distribution.

    Pick up advanced tickets:
  • 08/12/2011 9:59 AM | Anonymous member
    If your looking to help out during Portland Beer Week, we have been asked to pass on a couple of beer pouring opportunities to everyone.  The first is at Coalition Brewing on August 27th.  They are hosting the Mighty Mites Session Beer Fest with 12 breweries participating.  Volunteers need to be OLCC licensed and will get taster tickets in return for service.  Interested people should contact Elan Walsky at  The event page is HERE.

    The second event is the "closing ceremonies" of beer week at the Bazi Bier Brasserie during the Hawthorne Street Fair.  They will need a few volunteers to help pour beer at a mini beer garden and shifts will run 11-2 and 2-5, with volunteers needing to show about 1/2 hour early.  12 total volunteers are needed and will receive three full beers as a thank you.  Please contact Lisa Morrison at or Ezra at if you are interested.

  • 08/11/2011 1:33 PM | Anonymous
    Deschutes is holding a *very* short notice homebrew competition to be held next week. Full details here.
  • 08/05/2011 6:03 PM | Anonymous member
    30+ microbrews, great BBQ and live music.  All in front of the Buckman Brewery (Green Dragon).

    August 6-7 (Saturday 12-9pm) (Sunday 12-5pm)
  • 07/08/2011 11:52 AM | Anonymous
    Full details about this dinner are located on the collaborator page here.
  • 07/07/2011 6:30 PM | Anonymous member
    Details are on the Competition Calendar about two brand new competitions at the Cowlitz County Fair in Washington on July 23rd and the Grant County Fair in Oregon running August 24th-28th.

    Good luck to everyone.

    (edit by Jeremie)
  • 07/05/2011 5:00 AM | Anonymous member
    Ever wanted to play golf while rubbing elbows with celebrity brewers?  This is your chance.  The OBC is sponsoring a hole and the tournament is looking for volunteers to pour beer along the course.  Details can be found HERE.  Please let them know if you can volunteer.

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