Pilot Brewing System

(For active members only)

The Oregon Brew Crew is pleased to offer free use of our pilot brewing system to active members. Don’t ask why it’s called a “Pilot” system, it truly is a full on brewery! It includes almost everything you need to brew up to ten gallons of a high gravity, all-grain beer. All you need to supply are the ingredients, fermenters, sanitizer, and a few small odds and ends. It even includes a double burner stove and three (3) propane tanks (the OBC even fills the tanks!).


The "Pilot System Committee" keeps the system and handles all of the paperwork.  They can be contacted using this email form. All we ask is that you place a $25 deposit
and that you return the equipment complete and clean. 

You are responsible for replacing equipment not returned and will forfeit the deposit if all equipment is not clean nor in the same condition as when received. Please be respectful of the keeper of the system and the other members by performing this simple task.


Inventory of the equipment available with the Pilot system:

3 - 15.5 Gal Keggles, can be used as HLT, Mash/Lauter Tun, or Brew Kettle
(all have false bottoms)
2 - 48 Qt. Picnic Cooler Mash/Lauter Tun (one has a fly sparge lid)
Sparge arm
Double Burner (65K BTU each) Camp Chef Stove
High BTU Burner on a Blichmann stand
3 – 5 Gal. Propane Tanks
Plastic bin w/ various items incl. temp gauges, hoses, and other items
Counterflow wort chiller with pump on a handy stand

Standalone pump on a handy stand

10)Copper Immersion Wort Chiller
11)Hot water rubber hose (50')
12)Drinking water hose (20')
13)Garden hose (100')

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