August 2021
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Upcoming Meeting(s) & Events

August Meeting 08/19/21 at 7pm

FH Steinbarts
234 SE 12th Ave

Portland, OR

Presidential Pint

Well it’s August and nearing the end of summer. Hopefully you are all enjoying the summer and the heat. As most things are currently open from the COVID pandemic there are still places that require masks or proof of vaccination. Next month we will have our annual Hair of the Dog (HOTD) meeting for members only. It will be on Tuesday September 7th, at 7pm. The HOTD taproom requires its guests to show proof of vaccination, so if you plan on attending please bring your vaccination card or a photo of it. There will be more information to come as to bringing food and possibly the annual fudge competition.

This month we will be having our meeting at FH Steinbarts on Thursday August 19th at 7pm. This will likely be another informal meeting without a set education topic. We would still love to get together and share. Remember if you are wanting to bring beer in the form of a keg please let Grace, our VP know by emailing her

We recently lost a valuable member of our team, Felicia (Fish) Reninger who was our Communications Chair. She is moving to Michigan and will greatly be missed. If you see Fish wish her farewell and hopefully we can visit her or she will visit in the future. This also brings me to the next point. We are in need of a Communications Chair that puts together the newsletter that you are reading now. If you have interest in this for the rest of the year and possibly longer let us know at Also, if you are interested in any of the board positions please let us know and we can tell and or show you to help you decide. Remember elections are at the November meeting.


-Jon Campbell

2020-2021 OBC President

Treasurer News 

By Michele Lish, Treasurer

It was sure nice to have a club meeting in person in July.  So great to see all those faces I’ve missed.  We gave away a lot of New Zealand hops, four 55 lb. bags of Munich malt and some dry yeast packets to those who attended.  We will have more giveaways at our next in-meeting, so be sure to attend.

Please log into the website: and check your personal information, especially check to make sure your address, phone and email are correct in case you have had a change for any of those in the last couple of years, and update them.  We are not printing membership cards, so just click on the image of your membership card to print it.  We had one member laminate it, put it on a lanyard and wore it to the meeting for his ID tag, cleaver.  

If any of you have paid and your renewal date isn’t June 30, 2022 or later, please let me know.  The exception to this is for anyone who joined this year. We did have some sort of glitch with a payment in January and I was unable to find out what happened, but I worked with the member who told me about it and tried to sort it out.  Contact me with any questions or concerns or something isn’t correct:

A lot of you still haven’t paid for your membership for 2020 – 2021.  Just log in and you should be able to do that yourself.  If not, contact me and I will walk you through it.

A joke for your reading pleasure:

The CEOs of Budweiser, Coors and Guinness walk into a bar… The server comes over and asks what they want to drink. The CEO of Budweiser said, "I'll take a Bud Light. It's crisp, refreshing, and doesn't hurt the budget."  The CEO of Coors said, "I'll take a Coors light. It's colder, even more refreshing, and won't give you a beer gut." The CEO of Guinness said, "I'll have a water."  The others give a confused look. The bartender asks, "Why aren't you ordering a beer?" He responds, "Well, nobody else did."

Competition Corner - August 

Cascade Brewers Cup 9/17-9/18

Seattle, WA (closest drop off is Oly, or mail entries)

Entry Drop Off 9/11/2021

Rocktoberfest 10/9

Redmond, OR (Steinbarts drop off)

Entry Deadline 10/01/2021

This is always a fun smaller all style comp in Oregon, and the organizers are really nice. I went out to judge it last time pre-pandemic and it was a good time, and will probably go out to judge if anyone else wants to join. Not yet OSHBOTY certified but will be soon, you all should plan on brewing for this competition, its near fall classic, so just bottle a few more bottles. 

Fall Classic 10/15-16 TBD

Portland, OR (Steinbarts drop off) 

Entry Deadline 10/08/2021

OBC’s big comp for the year, --  well it will be if we aren't back in lockdown. Sign up to enter beers and to judge/steward at: Proof of vaccination will be required to judge or steward in person. All styles accepted, if it's vaguely beer/cider/mead, we will judge it, and there's plenty of time to brew 90%+ of styles out there.  Special award for best new homebrewer if this is your first competition, i've tasted delicious beers at meetings from many of you. You really should enter it, it's all of 8$ and a bit of fun. 

Lights Out! (Dark beer only) 10/31

Tacoma, WA


If you are entering comps, please submit your points. There will be enough competitions this year hopefully to have our club competition for the best competing homebrewer. Chuck has won the last so many years, someone has to not make it easy for him this year. Also, I'm going to be optimistic and say we are going to have a holiday party this year which seems like a distant dream, but in that dream, your entries and medals in comps for OBC earn you sweet, sweet raffle tickets. 

-Scott Nieradka

A note from your Burgermeister

Here we are in the beginning of August and all the heat summer brings us. With that brings bbq's,  beach trips, cold drinks, and maybe a few pool parties. It also brings OBC's second IN meeting of the year, potluck  style  

Fun fact: in 1907 Henry Perry, former porter and steamboat cook, opened a barbecue stand in the Banks Street alley, the first commercial barbecue operation in Kansas City. 

So I ask you, what will you be bringing? Home brew? New recipe? Old family favorite casserole? I am certainly looking forward to seeing what is all brought and also sharing something with you. 

So let's talk about the potluck side of the meeting. We ask that members bring homebrew to share and so we also ask that you bring food to help soak up some of the brew, also the timing means the majority of us may be missing out on dinner. There will be raffle tickets handed out for those who brought a food item. I will have 3 raffle prizes! So bring something, a couple bags of chips, dips, deli platter, homemade goodies, rolls, salads, or a big bag of candy!  You will receive 1-3 tickets based on size of items you bring. 

Side note: your Burgermeister is extremely allergic to onions which includes chives, shallots, and even onion powder. Please be courteous and mark your food if it is not onion free. I cannot even breathe them raw or cooked and I'm using an epi pen. Thank you so much. Also, please let me know if you have such an allergy as mine so that I can include it in the future newsletters. 

Keep brewing, keep cooking, and mostly keep healing,


Torri Hansmann


Don't forget the OBC Pilot System!

Some of the equipment includes:

   • Added a 2nd, better pump on a new stand
   • Improved the existing pump
   • Added switches to both pumps
   • replaced all of the hoses
   • Added a sparge arm
   • Added a 3rd burner high BTU

Follow the link to use the brew system or to request specific parts for your next brew day!

Any questions? Send them to
Happy brewing!

Introducing the new OBC Discord Server!

Hello everyone, Jim here. I wanted to familiarize everyone with an excellent new resource for OBC members. In September 2020 we rolled out a dedicated, private Discord server for everyone to use as a new way of connecting, collaborating and sharing with fellow members and beer nerds.

What is Discord you ask?

Discord started in 2012 as a social networking platform primarily aimed at gamers. Like Slack, which you may have heard of or use at work now, Discord offers topic-based text channels, audio chat and screen sharing, and lots of great ways to integrate with other public and private web services, like the OBC website and membership system.

Signup for the OBC Discord at:

Benefits of Discord

  • Unlimited topics (brewing help, education, recipes, ingredients, gear, style specific, bjcp, etc)

  • Roles to differentiate members, judges, board members or even volunteers

  • Has a friendly mobile app (phones or tablets)

  • Customize how you are notified of updates (email, app notifications, likes and @mentions)

  • Ability to stream live events, brewdays and more (look for our first live brewday soon!)

  • Automatic posts from and Brulosophy (more to come)

  • Dozens of file uploads (recipes, presentations, videos

  • More of a “real-time discussion” as opposed to individual posts on a bulletin board

  • For some people, the fact that it is NOT Facebook is a major positive as well

So follow the link above, set up your account (or link your existing account to our server) and jump right in!

Please try to use your full name, or at least most of your name so that people will recognize you. Administrators may override your Username, but don’t worry you can still be “MegaDude95” on your favorite Minecraft server

2021 Board of Directors:

President, Jon Campbell

Vice President, Grace Schrick

Treasurer, Michele Lish

Secretary, Jodi Campbell

Education Committee Chair, Alex Parise

Competition Committee Chair, Scott Nieradka

Communications Chair, OPEN

Events Coordinator, Will Minderhout

Bürgermeister, Torri Hansmann

Membership, Bob Davee

Historian, Jeremie Landers

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