March 2021
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Upcoming Meeting(s) & Events

March education via Webinar 3/11/21 at 7pm (no OBC interactive meeting this month)

This months guest is Head Brewer Ian Fuller from Melvin Brewing out of Wyoming. Ian is doing a Q & A with the club so come with questions!

OBC March Meeting Zoom Link

Presidential Pint

Happy March and happy St. Paddy’s Day! As you probably know St. Paddy’s Day is March 17th. It’s the perfect day to enjoy your Guinness or Harp Lager with corned beef and cabbage. You can even get festive and add a little green dye to your lager. 

While summer is still a little ways away some beer festivals are already canceled while others are to be determined later. Hopefully we will get COVID under control so we can start living again. Currently Oregon Brew Crew does not have any festivals for its members to work as of yet. We will keep you posted as the world stays safe from this pandemic.

As spring approaches it’s the perfect time for us who brew outside. I brew in an open garage so I will likely brew more as spring approaches. Remember May 1st is American Homebrewers Association (AHA) Big brew Day.


-Jon Campbell

2020-2021 OBC President

In Memory of Shirley MacGregor

By Michele Lish

A long time OBC member passed away on Feb 8th of this year due to ALS complications.  If you ever attended festivals, you would most likely have met Shirley and her husband Doug because they spent a lot of time at the OBC booth talking with people about the club and homebrewing.  Shirley was an artist and enjoyed traveling and living in other countries, but she so loved Portland where she’d spent the last several years during the summer month.  She loved riding her bike and getting around the city without a car.  Her favorite festival was the Portland Craft Beer Fest held at The Fields Park near their condo.  The other part of the year they lived in FL.  She was a member of several art groups: Columbia Fiber Arts Guild, Surface Design Association, and SAQA Studio Arts Quilt Associates. 

You can find some of her great work online at: I personally enjoyed spending time with Shirley and Doug and will miss her dearly.  Raise a glass in her memory, her preference was NW IPA.


Women’s International Beer Summit

This event is coming up in April on the weekend of the 24th & 25th.  All sessions will be taped for later viewing if you can’t attend some of it, and because there are concurrent sessions happening, you can’t see them all. 
The cost to attend is $40 for this virtual event. 
The event is hosted by Oregon Brew Crew/SheBrew and Queen of Beer, with sponsors such as: BSG Hand Craft supplies, American Homebrewers Association, Amoretti, Imperial Yeast and several more businesses and groups in the home brew realm.  Anyone can attend this 30 hours of training, and receive an interactive package and some swag, chances at giveaways including a Grainfater G30 and many more prizes. The schedule of sessions, bios of session leaders, registration sign up, and more details can be found at: 

Register here-  

Women's International Beer Summit 2021

Competition Corner

NHC: The national homebrew competition is going to be run differently this year due to covid. But first round and final round are going to be run together, and decoupled from any possible homebrew con. The Judging will be in Denver April 26-May 2nd. Entry cost is high 29$ per entry (which they claim is to break even in this format) , and they recommend sending a six pack, so likely not for everyone, but I hope some OBC members will still send a couple of entries and represent; let me know if you registered - several oregon clubs are organizing a freight shipment to save shipping costs. While im dubious of extra ship time given how long everything is already sitting before its judged, shipping is expensive for an already expensive comp. Let me know if you want me to put you in touch with those exploring freight shipment. 

Registration for NHC has closed, but if you did register remember entities need to arrive by april 9th. 

Full information at:

Heart of Cascadia: We are going to attempt to have out annual IPA only comp this summer; very likely with a remote judging protocol that many clubs have been using for their comps this year.  We are penciling the competition for the weekend of June 12th. If you want to help run the competition and be on the planning committee, we’d love to have you. Email if you want to help out in any role. Theres a fair amount of planning and logistics in carrying out a comp safely, in these times.

-Scott Nieradka

40th Anniversary Gala Update: 

Due to current pandemic restrictions, our 40th Anniversary Gala most likely won’t happen in 2021.  We are considering spring 2022. We want to have everyone attend, and at this point with the uncertainty of COVOD vaccinations, we cannot hold the event this year unless things change significantly by the fall.  The OBC Competition Chair is considering holding a couple of competitions in the fall, so and it is possible other activities will start up again by then as well. 


OBC Rules Reminder

Facebook:  Recently we have had to block some people from our two Facebook groups for inappropriate posts.  One was a negative political comment directed at a particular politician.  Posts of that nature are not allowed.  We encourage healthy discussions, especially if they are related to homebrewing or the beverage industry, but if a post becomes controversial and derisive in nature it will be removed.  The intent of our OBC Used Equipment group is to sell used equipment related to brewing.  Again we have had people wanting to post other items in that group and those have been denied.  Some members of the board monitor the requests to join these groups and we have had discussions about what it appropriate and what has been denied for posting.  We always want to hear from our members on these matters, so if you have comments and suggestions, please send an email to  The group’s rules were recently updated to reflect these concerns.

Don't forget the OBC Pilot System!

Some of the equipment includes:

   • Added a 2nd, better pump on a new stand
   • Improved the existing pump
   • Added switches to both pumps
   • replaced all of the hoses
   • Added a sparge arm
   • Added a 3rd burner high BTU

Follow the link to use the brew system or to request specific parts for your next brew day!

Any questions? Send them to
Happy brewing!



Hello from your Burgermeister,

Each month I try to give you someting good. Something maybe you've never made, or something you have not done in a while. I love exploring new things, even if they end up a flop, I have fun trying them out. Well, why would this month be any different?!

How about a game?! One we have all done, or at least heard of. Ding, dong, ditch! That's right! Ding, dong, ditch! But without the flaming bag of poo. Instead, let's leave a bottle of homebrew at the step and pick up one that was left out for us. I call this a Triple D meeting, hahaa!

I did this with a few of you last year. I brought around a bottle of my Gruit and picked up a bottle or 3, a plant, a book..... Went home and had a zoom with the group as we shared notes on my beer. Oh it was so much fun! I want to do it again. But, who wants to drive to my house? So, here is how we will do this.....

I would like anyone willing, to email me a "Yes" and their address, also tell me how far you are willing/able to go to drop off/pick up. I will make small groups, say 4, and email everyone a list. Let's shoot for March 16th. Your group can discuss a time and even adjust the day as needed. I would like photos, comments, back after said meeting happens please. Then in the April newsletter we will share a bit about how it went. Though Chuck, Jason and I live in St. Helens, I know that we 3 would be up for the drive to be apart of a group, right guys?! I look forward to hearing back from a bunch of you.

Until then,


Keep brewing, keep cooking, and keep safe my friends,




Torri Hansmann


Note from the Treasurer

Notice to Current Members

OBC board met on Dec 28, 2020 and voted to use some of the budgeted funds earmarked for board meetings to instead make a contribution to the OBC Scholarship fund bank account.  In the past the board would often gather after their term was ended and socialize with beer and food instead of buying a beer for each board member at each board meeting.  This is done in appreciate of the time and effort the board members put toward club work.

We also agreed that because of the strange year that we had due to COVID, and the inability to hold some of our more popular events, that we would give back to the membership in the form of an extension on their membership.  Every current member will have their membership extended for six months.

  This means your membership fees will not be due until six months from your current renewal date.  Many of you have a current renewal date of Jan 1, and you probably noticed that you did not get a reminder email.  Your new due date will be July 1, if you have a Jan 1 due date.  Other due dates will be adjusted accordingly for a new due date.  We appreciate your commitment to the organization and are proud to say that not one member asked for a refund for 2020 membership dues. 

If you have any question, please contact the OBC Treasurer, Michele Lish at

Introducing the new OBC Discord Server!

Hello everyone, Jim here. I wanted to familiarize everyone with an excellent new resource for OBC members. In September 2020 we rolled out a dedicated, private Discord server for everyone to use as a new way of connecting, collaborating and sharing with fellow members and beer nerds.

What is Discord you ask?

Discord started in 2012 as a social networking platform primarily aimed at gamers. Like Slack, which you may have heard of or use at work now, Discord offers topic-based text channels, audio chat and screen sharing, and lots of great ways to integrate with other public and private web services, like the OBC website and membership system.

Signup for the OBC Discord at:

Benefits of Discord

  • Unlimited topics (brewing help, education, recipes, ingredients, gear, style specific, bjcp, etc)

  • Roles to differentiate members, judges, board members or even volunteers

  • Has a friendly mobile app (phones or tablets)

  • Customize how you are notified of updates (email, app notifications, likes and @mentions)

  • Ability to stream live events, brewdays and more (look for our first live brewday soon!)

  • Automatic posts from and Brulosophy (more to come)

  • Dozens of file uploads (recipes, presentations, videos

  • More of a “real-time discussion” as opposed to individual posts on a bulletin board

  • For some people, the fact that it is NOT Facebook is a major positive as well

So follow the link above, set up your account (or link your existing account to our server) and jump right in!

Please try to use your full name, or at least most of your name so that people will recognize you. Administrators may override your Username, but don’t worry you can still be “MegaDude95” on your favorite Minecraft server

There will be a brief introduction and tour of the Discord server during the January 14th zoom meeting

2020 Club Income & Expenses:

2020 Board of Directors:

President, Jon Campbell

Vice President, Grace Schrick

Treasurer, Michele Lish

Secretary, Jodi Campbell

Education Committee Chair, Alex Parise

Competition Committee Chair, Scott Nieradka

Communications Chair, Felicia Reninger

Events Coordinator, Will Minderhout

Bürgermeister, Torri Hansmann

Membership, Bob Davee

Historian, Jeremie Landers

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