November 2021
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Upcoming Meeting(s) & Events

November Meeting 11/11/21 at 7pm
at F.H. Steinbarts

234 SE 12th Ave, Portland, OR 97216

Presidential Pint

Happy November 2021 and Election month. This month will be an in person meeting with the caveat that you have been vaccinated for COVID-19. We want to keep all of our members safe. Don't worry if you can't attend or don't feel safe attending. The vote will be by email after the meeting and you will have time (a few days) to consider your options and vote.

Speaking of options, have you thought about volunteering some time to better your homebrew club? The Oregon Brew Crew needs YOU! Please consider either running for a position where your energy and talents will help the club or assisting a board member and making their job a little easier. It also helps you figure out what you may be interested in. It is very rewarding, just ask any of the current or past board members who have served.

OBC's Fall Classic beer competition is back up and going. Hopefully you have brewed some award winning beers or you are ready to taste and judge some (see competition section below). I am super excited to have this competition back. I always look forward to brewing beer for it and volunteering at it. 


-Jon Campbell

2020-2021 OBC President

A Note from your Treasurer

Proposed 2022 OBC Budget Explained

For membership distribution – submitted by OBC Treasurer Michele Lish

For income:

  1. The new amount is less for our membership income as we have lost members steadily over the last 4 years.  4 years ago we have over 200 members, and now we are below 100, many who have not paid their renewal fees for 2021.  NOTE:  In order to keep those who haven’t paid, interested in OBC, we have allowed them to get the newsletter and any notices from the club. 
  2. Some festivals have already stated they do not plan to hold their event in 2022.  However since we do not know what will happen, I have kept the amounts in the budget.
  3. Competitions: we held only two comps in 2021 (actually Fall Classic is yet to happen), and we cohosted a training event, but for 2022 we plan on hosting more so I’m leaving all of them as is, but changed a couple amounts
  4. If we are able to hold the BJCP and mead class those are designed to break even for income and expense.  
  5. I’m keeping the bus trip in as it is popular and we can pick a date to make it happen.  It is an event where cost has traditionally been higher than income.
  6. Until we start having in-meeting, we won’t sell much merchandise as people don’t tend to order online.  
  7. Added “unanticipated income” as a new line item for 2022.  We got some in 2021.


  1. Our liability insurance dropped in 2021 because we buy it through the company used by AHA, and it is based on number of members, and our active paid membership numbers were down.  I’m leaving it as is just in case we can get those numbers back up.
  2. The P.O, Box amount has been raised since the USPS continues to increase that cost.  In June we paid $134 for one year service.
  3. Wild Apricot (our membership database program): we are currently at the end of our two year paid subscription.  This is our most expensive line item and since we have money in the bank, we’ve been taking advantage of the discount they offer by paying for two years (15% discount if paid in full).  The new price for 2022 for 2 years is $2,244 = $1,122 a year.  This line item also included added costs for A Small Orange (website hosting service) & SSL Certificate (website security service) to website management costs  
  4. Intangible Assets: this include GoDaddy (Domain name purchases), and corporate fees.
  5. I left a line for “Project Two” in expenses, just in case.  

The Queen of Beer Returns

The Queen of Beer Women’s Homebrewing Competition, which, like so many events, took hiatus during the pandemic, returns in 2021!  The competition is open to all female identified homebrewers, mead makers, and cider makers. Entries will be received between November 15 through December 3, 2021.  Judging is slated for Saturday, December 11, 2021. Thanks to Fort Rock Brewing Company in Rancho Cordova, California (a suburb of Sacramento), for hosting again!

As of this writing, the organizing team is still finalizing details for on-line entry and volunteer registration.  Here’s what we have for you so far:

Entry Fees: $10 per category; sliding scale will be available for multiple entries.

Requirements: 3 12oz bottles; may use splits for meads.

Standard competition labels will be available on-line.

Deliver/Ship entries to:

Fort Rock Brewing Co.

ATTN: Queen of Beer

12401 Folsom Blvd. Ste 110

Rancho Cordova, CA 95742

Online Registration is coming soon!

The link will be ready shortly.  If you would like to receive notice when registration is open, or have additional questions, please email Organizer Beth Zangari at with QOB 21 in the subject line.

Competition Corner - November

OBC big comp of the year Fall Classic is coming up in a few weeks at Porland Cider on the 19/20th. We can still use help judging and stewarding, if you are available to help please sign up below. Never Judge before? No problem, we can either pair you with a certified judge or have you steward so you can see how it all works, and see if you are interested in taking the judging exam in the spring. 

Fall Classic 11/19-11/20 

Portland, OR (Steinbart's drop off) Judging at Portland Cider. 

Entry Deadline 11/12/2021

OBC’s big comp for the year. Sign up to enter beers and to judge/steward at: Proof of vaccination will be required to judge or steward in person. All styles accepted, if it's vaguely beer/cider/mead, we will judge it. Award for best new homebrewer if this is your first competition, I've tasted delicious beers at meetings from many of you. You really should enter it, it's all of $8 and a bit of fun. (special prize for best new homebrewer who this is their first comp) I know most of you, have something good ready, or nearly ready, that you could enter. 

No in person award ceremony/raffle this year, due to venue restrictions, but a zoom link will be sent out to all participants for the award ceremony. 


If you are entering comps, please submit your points for delicious raffle tickets at the holiday party. 

Best of Craft Beer Awards 3/4/22

Commercial beer only, but I know a lot of the BJCP judges enjoy judging this one. It is moving to the fairgrounds in Redmond this year, and will be a little later in march. 

-Scott Nieradka

Burgermeister News

Hello Brew Crew! 
I have more exciting news than an IN meeting! 


You got that right. Our Annual Chili Cookoff is this next meeting so dust off your cookbooks, get out your best wooden spoon and get to cookin'! I've got 3 prizes for the top 3 best chilis. I don't typically reveal the prizes I have chosen, but this months will help spice things up in your kitchen and maybe even put a hoppy smile on your face. Whether it's beaned, bean-less, brisket, pork, or chicken, green, brown, red, or vegetarian. I want to see it all. I do ask that you name a few of those items I mentioned above, if they are in your chili pots. Some may like to know, some may need to know. I for one am deathly allergic to onion, shallots, leeks, and chives. OBC will provide the cornbread, sour cream, shredded cheese, bowls, napkins, and spoons. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. And if you cannot bring a pot of chili, we would love chips, or other snacks to fill our bellies with as well. I know I will see M&Ms there as well. Shot, since we did not get to do our fudge contest, maybe you would like to make some for this meeting. No prizes for it, but many compliments for sure. I would love to keep track of those who brought "other" food, so please let me know who you are and what you brought so I can keep track. Why? Well, because I want to put tickets in a bucket at our next, next meeting for a drawing of 3 great prizes. 

Oh I have missed you faces, and some of you I have never met. But I am equally excited to see you all as well. Let's make this meeting a great one. Oh, and for those who don't know, we love helpers. There is this point thing you can rack them up by volunteering to set up for meetings and staying after to help us board members clean up the mess for Steinbart’s staff to not fret about later. We want to always be welcome back in their space, so let's all pitch in and keep it looking better than when we arrived. 


MysTorri your Burgermeister 
Do the best you can, even when you don't want to. 


Beer & Candy: A Primer for Adult Halloween

When I attended my first beer pairing dinner years ago I couldn't have fathomed or foreseen the type of pairings I've been up to lately - cookies, cereal and most recently, candy. My interest in this latest foray was sparked when I read an article from Cicerone Michael Agnew. With Halloween coming up 'tis the season for candy and even people who aren't big candy fans (NOT me!) will probably end up with some excess candy at home or at the office.

The pairings were a fun experiment and overall there were quite a few that worked. Those included the first and most surprising one of the evening - candy corn and ESB. While the article specifically mentioned Fuller's ESB, and it was in stock at The BeerMongers, we opted to go for a Northwest ESB. Crystal Bitter from No-Li Brewhouse is a beer we've had before and really enjoyed and just like Michael said it would, it was delicious!

Another area that went well was the chocolate category. Kit Kats bars, recommended to pair with a bourbon barrel-aged brown, we found to go very nicely with Old Schoolhouse Hooligan Stout. For the Milky Way we went for a higher alcohol beer than the porter or stout called for. Southern Tier Creme Brulee Imperial Milk Stout was a beer we'd all had before and knew to be decadent on its own. The nougat in the Milky Way helped to balance the over-the-topness of the beer nicely. What worked even better and was a crowd favorite was the pairing of Creme Brulee with Snickers. Unsurprisingly it was quite a decadent pairing.

The final chocolate candy pairing sounded a bit odd but since we were all Reese's peanut butter cups fans we were game to try it with Lindemans Framboise. According to the article it would be "like eating a PB&J on chocolate bread" and it was! If you're a Reese's fan, seriously, pick up a bottle of this and have them together (oh, and it's great with an Almond Joy, too).

To save you some disappointment in case you decide to do some beer and candy pairing, too, I'll share a couple things that we found did not work. 1) Initially I had grabbed a bottle of The Commons Bier Royale, a lovely fruit sour, to try as the "J" in the PB&J pairing. It's a great beer but it didn't have enough liquid jellyness to make the magic happen. 2) We had two sour candies - Sweet Tarts and Jolly Rancher sour bites - and with the Biere Royale the Sweet Tarts became quite fizzy in the mouth. The Jolly Ranchers worked slightly better but in the future I'd enjoy my sour candies separately from my beer.

If you find yourself having candy and beer, intentionally or unintentionally, I'd love to hear if what winners you come across.

Don't forget the OBC Pilot System!

Some of the equipment includes:

   • Added a 2nd, better pump on a new stand
   • Improved the existing pump
   • Added switches to both pumps
   • replaced all of the hoses
   • Added a sparge arm
   • Added a 3rd burner high BTU

Follow the link to use the brew system or to request specific parts for your next brew day!

Any questions? Send them to
Happy brewing!

Introducing the new OBC Discord Server!

Hello everyone, Jim here. I wanted to familiarize everyone with an excellent new resource for OBC members. In September 2020 we rolled out a dedicated, private Discord server for everyone to use as a new way of connecting, collaborating and sharing with fellow members and beer nerds.

What is Discord you ask?

Discord started in 2012 as a social networking platform primarily aimed at gamers. Like Slack, which you may have heard of or use at work now, Discord offers topic-based text channels, audio chat and screen sharing, and lots of great ways to integrate with other public and private web services, like the OBC website and membership system.

Signup for the OBC Discord at:

Benefits of Discord

  • Unlimited topics (brewing help, education, recipes, ingredients, gear, style specific, bjcp, etc)

  • Roles to differentiate members, judges, board members or even volunteers

  • Has a friendly mobile app (phones or tablets)

  • Customize how you are notified of updates (email, app notifications, likes and @mentions)

  • Ability to stream live events, brewdays and more (look for our first live brewday soon!)

  • Automatic posts from and Brulosophy (more to come)

  • Dozens of file uploads (recipes, presentations, videos

  • More of a “real-time discussion” as opposed to individual posts on a bulletin board

  • For some people, the fact that it is NOT Facebook is a major positive as well

So follow the link above, set up your account (or link your existing account to our server) and jump right in!

Please try to use your full name, or at least most of your name so that people will recognize you. Administrators may override your Username, but don’t worry you can still be “MegaDude95” on your favorite Minecraft server

2021 Board of Directors:

President, Jon Campbell

Vice President, Grace Schrick

Treasurer, Michele Lish

Secretary, Jodi Campbell

Education Committee Chair, Alex Parise

Competition Committee Chair, Scott Nieradka

Communications Chair, OPEN

Events Coordinator, Will Minderhout

Bürgermeister, Torri Hansmann

Membership, Bob Davee

Historian, Jeremie Landers

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