April 2022
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Upcoming Meeting(s) & Events

April Meeting 

Hair of the Dog "Out" meeting!

Monday, 4/25/22 at 7pm

Hair of the Dog Taproom

61 SE Yamhill St.,
Portland, OR 97214

Presidential Pint

Happy April and the start of spring. I hope you are enjoying the nicer weather and not having to wearing masks while out and about. I have seen some beer competitions going on as well as beerfests that are coming up soon. If you are homebrewing beer for competitions there are several coming up including OBC’s Heart of Cascadia IPA competition.

We are happy to welcome back OBC’s annual Hair of the Dog meeting on Monday April 25th at 7pm. Alan Sprints, founder and owner of Hair of the Dog (HOTD) Brewing is retiring this year. Alan founded HOTD 29 years ago and will be closing this summer or when he runs out of beer. Please come and celebrate Alan’s retirement with OBC’s final HOTD meeting.

This meeting is always a favorite among members. It is also the meeting where the annual fudge competition takes place. Traditionally this was started as a habanero fudge competition, but has evolved to be just a fudge competition. There will also be a potluck so please bring your favorite dishes. Please remember to tip the bartenders and remember the brewery is only open for OBC members on this date. We will not be able to bring homebrew to this meeting. 

Also, this meeting is for paid members only. If your membership has lapsed make sure to either renew your membership online or you may do it at the meeting. There will be more information emailed out and posted on Facebook later. Please email questions to Board.


-Jon Campbell

2020-2022 OBC President

VP Update

What it means to be an active bystander and prevent harassment…

As we shift in to more in person meetings we need to keep in mind some very important issues that came up over the last year. We need to be better.

As a club, I want to remind everyone that we want this to be a safe space for everyone. We do not tolerate any kind of harassment. I ask that everyone be a little more aware of what’s going on at ALL of our club functions. It doesn’t matter if we are at FH Steinbarts, an out meeting, festival or competition please look out for one another.

There are some useful tools listed below on how to be an active bystander. Everyone has different comfort levels when it comes to these issues and we want to make sure members have the resources they may need.

With this, the board has been doing some training and are always available to help with any situation. Please do not hesitate to reach out to one of us if you or someone else needs help with a situation.

5 D’s of Bystander Intervention:

Distract - Distraction is a creative non-confrontational way to shift attention and interrupt the harassment.

Delegate - Turn to a third party for help.

Document - Recording an incident when it happens can be helpful when done safely and responsibly.

Delay - Sometimes harassers leave before anyone can intervene. You can still check in on the person targeted afterwards.

Direct - Confronting the harasser is the most direct and riskiest intervention tactic. Before you step in please assess everyone’s safety.

Some useful Videos and resources for more information:

Bystander Video - Short video explaining the 5 D’s of Bystander Intervention


VA Sexual Harassment Video - Short video gives examples of what to look out for.


BA Training - Longer 3-part Webinar Series put out by the Brewers Association


I will also post some of these videos on our Facebook page and website.

Thank you for staying committed to keeping OBC a safe place for everyone! Please make sure to report any harassment to the board. Look for those gold nametags at the meetings. We are here to help and we don’t want our members to feel uncomfortable or unsafe. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to reach out to me directly or anyone on the board.


Grace Monteblanco

Vice President

Competition Corner

New BJCP guidelines were released: https://www.bjcp.org/bjcp-style-guidelines/ . The 2021 are a pretty minor update to the 2015 guidelines. Only a few new styles, and the majority of styles are unchanged.The changes are minor and largely nothing massive to get used to (Unless Kellerbiers are your jam, and if so you will be happy the guidelines are vastly improved, and disappointed they got shoved in historical now) but its good for the BJCP judges to give it a once over. The history sections are much improved, though that doesn't impact judging directly. 

Competition Results:

SheBrew, Portland OR 2/27/22 

Results athttps://shebrew.oregonbrewcrew.org/

Congrats to OBC members:

- Corrie Heath, a silver with an english barleywine

- Torri Hansmann, a gold with a SHV gruit.

And to other local PDX brewers,

- Michelle Wonder (former OBC) 2nd BOS, 3 Gold, 1 Silver

- Jessie Gutierrez 1 Silver, 1 Bronze

Congrats to all for a well run comp, and to all those who participated.

Upcoming Competitions:

KLCC Homebrew Competition: Eugene, 4/7 entries due 3/31 

(Steinbarts drop off) 

Our friends at Cascade Brewers Society in Eugene are holding their annual KLCC homebrew competition again this year.. Plenty of time to brew a batch or two, and a good excuse too. They always support our comps with plenty of quality entries and judges, so please consider entering and supporting them (and going down to judge...).

HOTV Oregon Homebrew Festival: Corvallis, 5/21 entries due 5/7 

(Steinbarts drop off)


The Oregon festival is happening again in may, run by our good friends at Heart of the Valley Homebrew Club in Corvallis. Entries due May 7th, drop off at Steinbarts. This is always a well run comp, and a good one to enter, and plenty of time to brew most styles and show them some support, id encourage all of you to send them a beer or two, they are nice people and this is the oldest running Oregon homebrew comp.

Washington Mead and Cider Cup: Everett WA 4/22 entries due 4/9

Website isn't up yet, but is listed on the AHA competition calendar. 

National Homebrew Competition: Pittsburgh, 6/21-23, Entries need to arrive June 3rd

https://www.homebrewersassociation.org/national-homebrew-competition/entrant-volunteer-information One round competition this year.  Apply for entries March 22nd. Entries need to arrive by June 3rd. With shipping that's a month in the bottle before being judged, packaging/low o2 in the bottle will be critical. Plenty of time to practice your bottling and let your beers sit for a month and see if your technique is good enough. Let me know if you applied for entries, we are thinking about shipping freight to lower costs. 

Heart of Cascadia: Portland, 6/11 Entries due June 3rd

OBC’s yearly IPA only competition, if you wish to help with planning or organizing reach out to scott.nieradka@oregonbrewcrew.org. We managed to hold it last year so we will hold it somehow again this year in early June, (barring some new mutant death variant that melts peoples faces)  

OBC Cup:

Chuck Macaluso 105pts


Fill out the form here whenever you enter any competition, win or lose, and get points for competing. Points can be traded for raffle tickets at our annual holiday party, and the overall winner gets a prize. See full details at the link above. Someone needs to enter to give Chuck some competition. 

Scott Nieradka



Burgermeister Brewsnews

Fudge Contest and Pot Luck at Hair of the Dog.

I look forward to many fudgetastic recipes represented! But don't let our pot luck side suffer either. We don't want to have to order pizza please.

There are no limits to the style of fudge that can be entered in, EXCEPT it must be home made.

We will have three prizes for the top three fudges and two for the potluck raffle. You will receive your voting tickets at the door and your potluck tickets from me at the table. Show me what you got! Cheers and good luck to ya, good skills too. 


Did you know that cabbage gets beetles? I didn't, I don't grow cabbage. But if you do, try growing it near rosemary, as rosemary is a natural repellent to these cabbage beetles. It also staves off other unwanted creatures, but you might need more than one bush to cover your whole garden. I don't think that is such a bad thing. Rosemary has so many great benefits. It is delicious for one. I love rosemary tea to soothe headaches, without upsetting the stomach, and menstruating pains(don't be embarrassed, cramps are real) In the Middle Ages people would have rosemary in their pockets and under their pillows to prevent nightmares and evil spirits. Brewing a strong rosemary tea to use as a hair rinse helps clean other products out of your hair, like mousse, gel, hairspray. It's not the 90's any longer, but I imagine people still use those products from time to time. I love to add rosemary into my lotions and night creams that I make. Rosemary is an antibacterial also antifungal, perfect for skincare.

Enough about it's benefits, here is a fun way to use rosemary.

Black Bean Hummus with Chipotles and Rosemary
  • 1 cup dried black beans
  • 2 large dried chipotle chilies
  • 2 cups vegetable stock
  • 6-8 cloves of garlic, minced
  • 1 carrot, chopped
  • 1 TBS plus 1 tsp fresh rosemary, minced
  • Juice of 2 lemons(1/2 cup)
  • 1/4 cup tahini
  • 1/3 tsp hot chili paste
  • for a non-vegan I add 1 tsp anchovy paste

Soak the beans overnight in 2 cups of water. Cover the chipotles with 1/2 cup of boiling water and let them stand overnight as well. Puree the chipotles, with their liquid, and 4 of the garlic cloves in a processor, or blender until minced. In a large stockpot, combine the beans and their liquid with stock. Add to the beans, along with the carrot and bring everything to a boil, then reduce the heat, and let simmer covered, until the beans are very soft, about 4 hours, adding more water if necessary. Let cool slightly. Scoop the beans into a processor or blender or us an immersion blender, and add the remaining cloves of garlic, the rosemary, lemon juice, tahini, and chili paste, blending until smooth. Serve at our next IN meeting, with bread, pita, crackers, or veggies.

This makes about 2 1/2 cups of hummus, so be sure to adjust for extra guests ;-)

When we do have our next IN meeting, be sure to email me or text me if you would like to volunteer to help with setup or break down of Burgermiester tables, tools, and such. I love volunteers, and it helps you get member points.

See you at the HOTD(Hair of the Dog) meeting! I am so excited!

As always my friends, keep brewing, keep cooking, and most of all keep healing.

Torri Hansmann


40th Anniversary Party Update

I have been on the planning committee for the 40th Anniversary Party since we first came up with the idea in 2019. We originally planned to hold it in April 2020, but due to COVID it was postponed.

The committee is working to reschedule this event for this year. We polled the people who purchased tickets to see how they felt about dates and other options. We have had 52 replies. If you have not replied yet, please do so now (ONLY for people who have purchased a ticket). Copy/paste the following URL into your browser:


Feedback so far...

  • 94.2% will still attend.
  • The majority would like to have it in Sept or Oct 2022, but we have not picked a date yet.
  • 80.8% prefer a Friday or Saturday evening rather than Sunday afternoon. NOTE: the available dates for a Saturday night event are limited, but many Fridays are open at the venue.
  • Ticket holders were asked if it was ok to have a combination event: Anniversary Party and Holiday Party. Some supported this, however at the OBC Board meeting on March 28th, the board unanimously voted against this option.

We must hold it at the Laurehurst Club as that has been paid for, it will be catered by Elephants Delicatessen, which has also been paid for and the attendance size is limited to 160. There is support from the committee and the OBC board to open ticket sale again since a lot has changed in the past two years. About 20-25 more tickets could be sold. The price for tickets is $25 for OBC members and $35 for non-members. Watch for an announcement soon about this.

One last thing on this, we are looking for some help for the committee. If you are interested, please contact me: michele.lish@oregonbrewcrew.org Also if you have any questions or comments, feel free to reach out to me.

Michele Lish


Nano Beer Fest

Letter to OBC from OSU Foundation

I want to thank you and the entire Oregon Brew Crew Board and membership for the continued support of the OSU Fermentation Science program via the Bob McCracken scholarship, which was the first scholarship for Fermentation Science students when this program got off the ground in the mid 1990’s. Your continued support helps our students achieve their goal of becoming the next generation brewer…or winemaker, cheesemaker, chocolatier, and beyond.

Here are the bio’s of the two students that we selected for the Bob McCracken Scholarship for the current academic year. We’ll be making selections for the next round of recipients later this spring.

Elyse Whitney

I’m a post-baccalaureate student in my second year in the Food Science and Technology program at Oregon State, pursuing the Fermentation Science option. Though this degree is my entry point to food science, I have always loved working with food. Prior to coming to OSU, I worked primarily in food production as a baker and a chocolatier. I also worked at a craft chocolate shop where I taught classes and ran our customer tasting panel. That job sparked my interest in fermentation after I learned how important the fermentation process is to flavor development in chocolate. It also got me interested in sensory science, which led me to my current position as a Research Assistant at the Center for Sensory & Consumer Behavior Research here at OSU. This past summer I completed an R&D internship at East West Tea Company in Eugene, OR, and in the future I hope to explore a career in product development or sensory science.

 Gavin Wilhelmi

I am from Hillsboro, OR, and was first introduced to homebrewing through my partner’s father who grew hops and made his own beer. While I don’t harvest my own hops, I have brewed many different beers over the years. My favorite has been a Cascadian Dark Ale, as the complex flavors were very rewarding. My next homebrew I will be perfecting my Cascadian Dark Ale! Other than homebrewing, I’m also really interested in food quality assurance and safety, as well as snowboarding, hiking, and backpacking. Thank you so much for this scholarship to help me continue my academic career!

 Best regards,

 Thomas H. Shellhammer, Ph.D.

Nor'Wester Professor of Fermentation Science 

Professor of Food Science

Don't forget the OBC Pilot System!

Some of the equipment includes:

   • Added a 2nd, better pump on a new stand
   • Improved the existing pump
   • Added switches to both pumps
   • replaced all of the hoses
   • Added a sparge arm
   • Added a 3rd burner high BTU

Follow the link to use the brew system or to request specific parts for your next brew day!


Any questions? Send them to
Happy brewing!

Introducing the new OBC Discord Server!

Hello everyone, Jim here. I wanted to familiarize everyone with an excellent new resource for OBC members. In September 2020 we rolled out a dedicated, private Discord server for everyone to use as a new way of connecting, collaborating and sharing with fellow members and beer nerds.

What is Discord you ask?

Discord started in 2012 as a social networking platform primarily aimed at gamers. Like Slack, which you may have heard of or use at work now, Discord offers topic-based text channels, audio chat and screen sharing, and lots of great ways to integrate with other public and private web services, like the OBC website and membership system.

Signup for the OBC Discord at:


Benefits of Discord

  • Unlimited topics (brewing help, education, recipes, ingredients, gear, style specific, bjcp, etc)

  • Roles to differentiate members, judges, board members or even volunteers

  • Has a friendly mobile app (phones or tablets)

  • Customize how you are notified of updates (email, app notifications, likes and @mentions)

  • Ability to stream live events, brewdays and more (look for our first live brewday soon!)

  • Automatic posts from HomebrewFinds.com and Brulosophy (more to come)

  • Dozens of file uploads (recipes, presentations, videos

  • More of a “real-time discussion” as opposed to individual posts on a bulletin board

  • For some people, the fact that it is NOT Facebook is a major positive as well

So follow the link above, set up your account (or link your existing account to our server) and jump right in!

Please try to use your full name, or at least most of your name so that people will recognize you. Administrators may override your Username, but don’t worry you can still be “MegaDude95” on your favorite Minecraft server

2022 Board of Directors:

President, Jon Campbell

Vice President, Grace Schrick

Treasurer, Michele Lish

Secretary, Corrie Heath

Education Committee Chair, Alex Parise

Competition Committee Chair, Scott Nieradka

Communications Chair, Jim Sullins

Events Coordinator, Bill Midkiff

Bürgermeister, Torri Hansmann

Membership, Bob Davee

Historian, Jeremie Landers

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