July 2022
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Upcoming Meeting(s) & Events

July "IN" Meeting 

Thursday, 7/14/22 at 7pm

FH Steinbart

234 SE 12th Ave.
Portland, OR 97214


Be sure to bring your delicious dishes to share for our meeting potluck!
Three potluck raffle prizes will be awarded.

Reminder: You can renew your membership online at
oregonbrewcrew.org or at the meeting. 

Presidential Pint

Happy July 2022! It’s hard to believe we are already halfway through the year and are now officially in summer. We just got through with serving at the Portland Craft Beer Fest (PCBF) and luckily the weather was fair. As you may know we get money for the club for having volunteers fill the last day of the fest. That money helps pay for events OBC puts on like the holiday party as well as outings, bus trips, and the OSU brewing scholarship that OBC sponsors. Please keep this in mind in the future when OBC asks for volunteers for events. We need your help!

Later this month is the Oregon Brewers Festival (OBF) on the Portland waterfront. Bill Midkiff will likely need volunteers to man the OBC booth. The booth is very important to bring Homebrewing to the masses. It also helps bring in potential members who are interested in Homebrew, brewing education, and volunteering at events. There may be other volunteer opportunities as well. It is a good way to get to the fest for little to no money. I hope to see you there.

I would like to congratulate Scott Nieradka from OBC for taking gold at the National Homebrew Competition for Amber European Beer. This category had 110 entries. Good Job Scott!


-Jon Campbell

2020-2022 OBC President

Free Beer!

For the meetings…

We need beer for the meetings! We are looking for members to sign up and bring kegs to our In-meetings held at Steinbarts. To help incentivize and off set the cost of ingredients we are giving a $10 Steinbarts gift certificate to anyone who brings a keg.

Please sign up before the meeting so we know who is bringing beer. We have In-meetings scheduled for July, September, October and November.

Members can always bring bottles and growlers as well but this incentive only applies to kegs. To sign up for these meetings please email grace.schrick@oregonbrewcrew.org.  


Grace Schrick

Vice President

Events Update

Hello OBC members! July is here and we're still holding out hope for continued warmer weather and more delicious beer!

Thank you to everyone who volunteered to pour beer or do a brewing demo at the Portland Craft Beer Fest. It was great to see and help this excellent festival get restarted!

The Oregon Brewers Festival is coming up the last weekend of July (7/28-7/30). We need club members to help staff the OBC booth or to do a brewing demo. Please email me Bill.midkiff@oregonbrewcrew.org if you are interested in volunteering.

Bill Midkiff


Competition Corner - July

Competition Results:

National Homebrew Competition: Pittsburgh, 6/21-23

Scott Nieradka, Gold, Amber European Beer

Congrats also to Mark Beck and Jordan Folks (x2) of Portland Brewers Collective for winning medals at NHC and representing Oregon!

Heart of Cascadia: Portland, 6/11 

Well another Heart Of Cascadia is in the books, results are posted at https://hoc.oregonbrewcrew.org/. Thanks for all who entered, we had 80 entries this year, second most ever. And thanks for all the judges and staff that came out, including some from Portland Brewers Collective, and PDX Brewers, we appreciate the support, it was a smooth day.

Congrats to all the winners, including OBC members and OBC adjacent people:

Chuck Macaluso, Bronze, Fruit Beer

Rodney Kibzey, Silver Wood Aged; Bronze, Session IPA

Adam Lund, Bronze, Cold IPA 

Congrats to Brian McBeth and Christy McBeth of Cascade Brewers Society for winning BOS with a CDA, it was a delicious beer, and good job keeping the style alive.

Upcoming competitions:

Rocktoberfest, Redmond OR, mid-September.

  • Not posted yet, but have heard its likely 9/17, start brewing for it soon, usually there's a Portland drop off location. 

Fall Classic, Portland OR, mid-November. OBC's large competition of the year! If you wish to help organize, contact scott.nieradka@oregonbrewcrew.org

OBC Cup (totals not updated this month as I'm on a train somewhere in Indiana)

Charles Macaluso


Corrie Heath


Adam Lund



Fill out the form here whenever you enter any competition, win or lose, and get points for competing. Points can be traded for tasty raffle tickets at our annual holiday party, and the overall winner gets a prize. See full details at the link above. Theres alot more of you that i see in competition results than are reporting.

Scott Nieradka


40th Anniversary Party Update - Need Your Feedback!

Dear Friends,

The OBC 40th Anniversary committee is pleased to announce that the event has finally been rescheduled for November 5th, 2022 at Laurelhurst Club. We are very excited to have a date scheduled and begin the preparations to celebrate with all of you! We will do our best to send routine updates to you over the next few months. Here are a few quick answers to the questions we have heard so far.

Are my current tickets still valid, even if I am no longer a current member?

YES all tickets previously purchased will be honored for the November 5th, 2022 date.

>> Please confirm that you WILL still be attending by the end of July by clicking here.

I can no longer attend. Is it possible to refund my ticket purchase?

YES we will honor ticket refunds through September 5th, 2022. Please let us know immediately if you require a refund and our Treasurer Michele will get that processed. If you can not attend, but choose to make your purchase a donation to the club as others have done, first of all thank you very much! But also, please let us know so we can make your seats available to others.

I am new to the club or was previously unavailable, are tickets still available?

YES we have opened up ticket purchasing once again at the previous rates of $35 for members and $45 for non-members. These can be purchased at https://oregonbrewcrew.org/event-3651418.

Will you be serving the same food and beer at this event?

Other than a few select “special” beers that would age gracefully, the entire tap list will be different. If you have any suggestions of breweries we should contact, please let us know. We will be reaching back out to sponsors to request beer donations. Also the food menu will be similar but different due to seasonal variations and availability. 

Will there be a special anniversary beer again?

Our intention is to work with a local brewery to brew another special anniversary beer in time for the event. We hope to have the plans for this finalized by late summer.

OBC 40 Planning Committee


Volunteerism and the Importance to OBC

One of the club expectations is that members volunteer in club activities in some way. There are many options for doing this, but one really important one is to help out when we have “events.”

We have had two opportunities for that so far this year, which did not require that a member have any special skills or qualification other than to be able to pour a glass of beer. Both the Nano Brew Fest and the Portland Craft Beer Festval didn’t get as good a response for help as we’d hoped. We know people have lives, and activities that sometimes prevent participation, and with the PCBF being on the 4th of July weekend, that is another hurdle.

These events bring in funds to OBC because the sponsors of the events donate part of their proceeds to OBC as a donation to the club. Mark your calendar for the future and consider participating. PCBF is always on the weekend closest to the 4th of July, and OBC members, family and friends pour beer the last day of the event. Many growlers of free beer were carried home by our helpful pourers at the end of the day.

The Oregon Brewers Festival is coming up the last weekend of July (7/28-7/30), and is the next opportunity for volunteering. To sign up to help staff the OBC booth, contact bill.midkiff@oregonbrewcrew.org

Michele Lish, Bill Midkiff & Dan Koperski staffing booth at Stomptown Pride Dance June 17,2022 (image 8872)

Bill Midkiff received People Choice Award.

Thanks to all OBC PCBF Volunteers! 

Here are a few images from the event.

Who Invented Beer?

Here's one view...

King Gambrinus, known as "the patron saint of beer," has long been a universal symbol of beer and brewing. Particularly during the late nineteenth century, the image of Gambrinus was used by countless brewers to promote their products and remind consumers of the rich heritage of beer making. Many breweries were even adorned with life-size statues of the King.

But who was Gambrinus? In 1891, George Ehret, the great New York City brewer, published a book entitled Twenty-Five Years of Brewing. In his book, Ehret briefly related the common wisdom as to the origins of King Gambrinus:

"While some attribute the invention of hopped malt-beer to Jan Primus (John I), a scion of the stock of Burgundy princes, who lived about the year 1251, others ascribe it to Jean Sans Peur (1371-1419), otherwise known as Ganbrivius. A corruption of either name may plausibly be shown to have resulted in the present name of the King of Beer, viz., Gambrinus, who we are accustomed to see represented in the habit of a knight of the middle-ages, with the occasional addition of a crown. Popular imagination, it seems, attached such great importance to beer, that in according the honor of its invention, it could not be satisfied with anything less than a king."

Don't forget the OBC Pilot System!

Some of the equipment includes:

   • Added a 2nd, better pump on a new stand
   • Improved the existing pump
   • Added switches to both pumps
   • replaced all of the hoses
   • Added a sparge arm
   • Added a 3rd burner high BTU

Follow the link to use the brew system or to request specific parts for your next brew day!


Any questions? Send them to
Happy brewing!

Introducing the new OBC Discord Server!

Hello everyone, Jim here. I wanted to familiarize everyone with an excellent new resource for OBC members. In September 2020 we rolled out a dedicated, private Discord server for everyone to use as a new way of connecting, collaborating and sharing with fellow members and beer nerds.

What is Discord you ask?

Discord started in 2012 as a social networking platform primarily aimed at gamers. Like Slack, which you may have heard of or use at work now, Discord offers topic-based text channels, audio chat and screen sharing, and lots of great ways to integrate with other public and private web services, like the OBC website and membership system.

Signup for the OBC Discord at:


Benefits of Discord

  • Unlimited topics (brewing help, education, recipes, ingredients, gear, style specific, bjcp, etc)

  • Roles to differentiate members, judges, board members or even volunteers

  • Has a friendly mobile app (phones or tablets)

  • Customize how you are notified of updates (email, app notifications, likes and @mentions)

  • Ability to stream live events, brewdays and more (look for our first live brewday soon!)

  • Automatic posts from HomebrewFinds.com and Brulosophy (more to come)

  • Dozens of file uploads (recipes, presentations, videos

  • More of a “real-time discussion” as opposed to individual posts on a bulletin board

  • For some people, the fact that it is NOT Facebook is a major positive as well

So follow the link above, set up your account (or link your existing account to our server) and jump right in!

Please try to use your full name, or at least most of your name so that people will recognize you. Administrators may override your Username, but don’t worry you can still be “MegaDude95” on your favorite Minecraft server

2022 Board of Directors:

President, Jon Campbell

Vice President, Grace Schrick

Treasurer, Michele Lish

Secretary, Corrie Heath

Education Committee Chair, Alex Parise

Competition Committee Chair, Scott Nieradka

Communications Chair, Jim Sullins

Events Coordinator, Bill Midkiff

Bürgermeister, Torri Hansmann

Membership, Bob Davee

Historian, Jeremie Landers

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