President: Jim Thompson

Vice President: Jeff Orr

Secretary: Corrie Heath

Treasurer: Michele Lish

Events: Chris Manzi

Education: Bill Midkiff

Competition: Scott Nieredka

Membership: Bob Davee

Burgermeister: Alex Parise

Communications: Dan Koperski

The OBC is always on the lookout for submissions for the newsletter,  please email us your ideas:

OBC Website

OBC Discord


OBC Facebook

OBC Twitter

OBC Discord Server

Next OBC meeting:

Breakside Brewery Slabtown

1570 NW 22nd Ave, PDX 97210

9 March 2023 - 6:30 PM start 

Upstairs bar area.

Reminder that this is a closed meeting to Oregon Brew Crew members only.

March OBC B-meeting:

Upright Brewing

240 N Broadway, PDX 97227

23 March 2023 - 6-9pm
This is an open meeting to anyone, so bring a friend!

Upcoming homebrew comps:

StoutBout - March 4th
Cascade Brewers Cup - April 24/25th 

Spring Fling - April 27-30th

NHC - Apr. First round judging

See the OBC competition calendar  for more details.

Future homebrew comps:

Oregon Homebrew Festival, Corvallis, OR - May 2023
Heart of Cascadia (OBC) IPA  Only, Portland, OR - June 2023
YourHoneyOrYourLife - Mead only, Portland OR - July 2023
Rocktoberfest, Redmond, OR -  Sept. 2023
Fall Classic (OBC), Portland, OR - Nov. 2023

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Brew Crew News

-- MARCH 2023 --

Presidential Pint

Has Spring Sprung yet? After a brutal end to February, I know that everyone is wishing that the Groundhog had not seen his shadow this year! With Stout month now coming to a close, I suggest that all of us start brewing your traditional Marzens to encourage a rapid onset of Spring weather. We have a few exciting events and announcements to share this month so be sure to update your calendars.

Save The Dates

  • March 9th - Out Meeting at Breakside Slabtown (7pm)

  • March 18th - Homebrew Swap Meet at Oddfellows Lodge (10am sellers, 11am public)

  • March 23rd - OBC B-Meeting 6pm (anyone can attend)

  • May10th - Wednesday 7pm Out Meeting at Hopworks on Powell Blvd

Speaking of
Hopworks, the OBC board met with Hopworks Founder and Brewmaster Christian Ettinger, long time supporter of the club. In addition to hosting OBC for our May out meeting, the club will be brewing two special Salmon-Safe beers to be featured at their 15th Anniversary festival on April 22nd. Look for details on how you can contribute ideas and be a part of the brewdays this month. Hint: it involves the OBC Discord so login if you haven’t recently!

-- Jim Thompson

OBC President


WHERE: Peninsula Odd Fellows Lodge
4834 N Lombard St., Portland OR 97203

WHEN: March 18, 2023: We will open the doors for people who want to sell items at 10 AM. Door open for shoppers at 11 AM.

WHAT: We will have some tables, but you can display things on the floor as well. Please coordinate with michele.lish@oregonbrewcrew.org if you want to sell items and to get more info.

FOOD: We plan to have hotdog (donations accepted) and chips available during the course of the event.

WHY: Because we know you have old things to share with the brewing community. Please ensure that what you bring is in good, clean, working condition.

The VP Sampler

May 20th, Gorge Bus Tour - It's been a few years since we have had a bus tour and a lot has changed. We are excited to bring this back to our club and we are proud to announce that it's been scheduled for May 20th. More details to come.. Looking at springtime in the Gorge and Hood River (below).

-- Jeff Orr

A Few Notes from your Treasurer

Odd Ball FezFest

The Odd Ball FezFest is happening at the Peninsula Odd Fellows Hall (the place where we hold our Holiday Party), on Saturday April 29 th . It is a conglomeration of groups all affiliated with the Noble Order of Muscovites.

For many years OBC members have supported the event, by supplying beer (either by keg or bottled) for the event. Brewers are given a space to set up a Jockey box to serve their beer. We will used the OBC club Jockey Box. Each brewer will have a bucket or some sort of container for "Donations." At the end of the night, the donations are counted, and one brewer is named "The Best Brewer in The Universe." This year we might just having a voting process instead. The event is a lot of fun, and VERY eclectic, and it is all for charity. If you are willing to contribute beer, please contact midhele.lish@oregonbrewcrew.org

Home Brewer Swap Meet

I am still waiting to hear from people who will be selling/trading/giving away items at our swap meet in a couple weeks (March 18 th ). PLEASE send an email to: michele.lish@oregonbrewcrew.org so I know we will have enough participants to make this happen.

Renewals Overdue

If you received a notification that your due are up for renewal, please make payment soon. Remember, only members with currently paid dues can attend the upcoming “out” meeting on the 9th at Breakside Slabtown. Log into the website and check on both your renewal date and info about the next meeting.

-- Michele Lish, OBC Treasurer

Competition Corner - March 

Recent Competition Results:

KLCC:  https://klcchomebrewcomp.com/bcoem/
OBC member placements/medals:
Rodney Kibzey - 2 Golds (English Barleywine, Traditional Mead) 3rd BOS for the mead! Great Job!

SheBrew: (except BOS) https://shebrew.oregonbrewcrew.org/
OBC members placement/medals:

Torri Hansmann - 2 Gold Historical, S/H/V 1 HM

Kathleen Freitag - 1 Gold Baltic Porter

And Congrats to Michelle Wonder of PBC with 3G, 1S, 1B

Thanks to Crystal and Jenn and the rest of the SheBrew team for making it an exceptionally easy comp to judge as it was very well run. Big thanks to all the judges and stewards who showed up in droves on Sunday. 

Stout Bout - Portland Brewers Collective

Registration is open.
Occurs in Portland on March 12th

Drop off at F.H. Steinbarts are due March 3rd
Our friends at PBC, stout only competition is likely back on after a few year COVID hiatus. Start brewing your stouts soon, especially your higher abv stouts. Always a fun, friendly, and well run comp. OBC members, please sign up to judge, PBC is a small club, and they always support and help judge at our comps.

Cascade Brewers Cup -  Cascade Brewers Guild
Registration is open.
Occurs in Seattle, 3/24-3/25
Drop off at Bader Beer and Wine in Vancouver by 3/17

This is a large Seattle area competition with this being the first time with a local drop off. Lets send them a few entries so they continue offering it. Limited to 500 entries, currently at 350, register early.

Spring Fling - Central Oregon Homebrewers Organization

Registration is open

Occurs in Bend Oregon April 27-30th

Spring fling is back after a few years of pandemic related hiatus. Always a well run comp, and a good excuse to take a weekend in bend to judge. Historically, judges from Bend/eastern Oregon have come and helped judge our comps, it is good for us to return the favor. And Bend has lots of decent beer, its not a bad place to spend a weekend.

National Homebrew Competition
- 1st Round
Beer Registration for AHA members is open. 
Judging occurs in Seattle WA, April 15th/16th.
Drop off expected at FH Steinbart in March.


Some sort of Steinbarts drop off/group shipping to the site will be arranged (email me and Jim if you entered, we may be able to drive up entries later) Or drop off at Bader by 3/17. National Homebrew Competition is back to a two round format. Hosted in Seattle this year. Please, plan on judging if you are BJCP and available, Seattle will need all the help possible. The club will make efforts to help organize a group going up. We need to make a good show judging, next year the first round is in Portland, and we will need seattle judges to come down to judge. If you are planning on judging reach out to me and Jim, we are renting Airbnbs, and giving small subsidies to cover some travel expenses.

Burgermeister News 

Ah, it’s March! And when I think about March, I think about so many things – crocuses! Daffodils! Mud! And, of course, St. Paddy’s Day! And when I think about that, I think about corned beef and cabbage, because of course I do! So let’s make corned beef and cabbage for dinner this month.

Before we make it, though, let’s talk about the name. The name’s weird, right? What gives, there’s no corn involved! Well – welcome to Alex’s Etymology Corner (Not Alex’s Entomology Corner, that comes in the summer)! “Corn” originally referred to any substance that came in grains - so the English refer to “corns” of bartley, “corns” of maize… and “corns” of salt. And thus, since brisket is preserved by heavy salting before being used in corned beef, we have the strange-sounding to Americans name of both the ingredient and the dish.

With that out of the way, let’s make corned beef! It’s stupid easy. Get yrself a corned beef from your local greengrocer’s (Grocery Outlet almost always has it), open the package, drain any liquids, and sock it in a pot with the contents of the spice packet. If that’s not enough spice, add some more – peppercorns, mustard seed, and bay leaves are all good and good for you. Cover with water, and bring to a boil. Boil it for ehhhhhh call it two hours. Then toss some new potatoes (or fingerlings, if yer fancy) in the pot, rough chop a head of cabbage into wedges and throw that in too. Hack up a couple carrots into 2-3 inch chunks, toss them in as well. You could probably pitch some other veggies in there - mushrooms are great - but they’re not traditional… On the other hand, are you gonna let outmoded traditions determine your life path? Damn straight you’re not! Throw some other veggies in there, whatever ya got! (Maybe skip the broccoli tho.) Boil for a further 15-20 minutes (until the taters are fork tender) then pull the beef out, let it rest 5-10 minutes, cut on the bias, and slap it on a nice serving plate. Surround that beefy goodness with the veggies, note how good the mushrooms look on the plate and congratulate yourself for being an ingredient rebel, then serve with a nice pilsner or stout - I’m sure you’ve still got stout left over from February. Boom! Dinner is served!

-- Alex Parise

Greetings From The Events Chair 

Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions you may have about upcoming events, or to put your name in the hat for helping out. The OBC Discord is a great way to get in touch, and I'm always available via email at Chris.Manzi@oregonbrewcrew.org
-- Chris Manzi

Membership Update 

March B-Side Meeting- Thursday 3/23 6 PM

Upright Brewing 240 N Broadway near the Moda Center

By the numbers:

Attendance at our February meeting was great; with 41 total including 5 guests and 36 members.

New members in 2022: 21

New members so far in 2023: 12

Number of members you have brought into our club ______

Our club is always looking to expand its membership. How do we do that? Why with your help of course! How can I help you ask? Well great question, here are a couple of ways:

1. Invite a guest to one of our meetings or,

2. Volunteer to help on our membership committee.

Interested in joining the Membership Development Committee? Fantastic! Here are a few of the things the Membership Development we will be doing:

Member Survey

As our club continues to expand and modernize, some of the things that we need help with include constructing, administering and analyzing our member survey. We did our most recent survey in 2020 shortly before the Covid vaccine was available. Obviously, a lot has changed since then, so we need to update ourselves and especially our leadership team to make sure that our programs reflect the things that make our club your club.

Member discount program

We all love a good discount, and it would be great to have your Oregon Brew Crew membership be your passport to amazing savings at a plethora of local fun fermented focused hotspots. We’ll be contacting places to try to see who would be willing to give our current club members free beer, wine through well at least discounted beer, and brewing supplies! If you’re the type who loves snagging a good discount on great beer, then help out here!

New Clubhouse and B-meeting planning:

Finding and securing a new, awesome space for our in meetings has been a discussion topic by the board and members for years. While we all love sitting on flimsy plastic chairs in the back of a cold or hot, dark warehouse for a few hours a month, unable to see the amazing presentation, or hear it for that matter, wouldn’t it be great if there was a spot where we were comfortable and could hear and could see our presentations? I know that spot is out there, we just haven’t found it yet. As spring comes, though it will be a great adventure to see what we might be able to come up with! Would be a great tag-team recon with scoping out Member Discounts too!

Member Check-in process at our meetings.

Maybe you’ve noticed that we no longer are require members to look themselves up or wait while your erstwhile membership chair looks up their membership. Last year we went to a sign-in sheet at meetings. Since I can’t always be at our meetings each month, it would be helpful to have one of our committee members be available to help sign people in and also help speed the process along. Also, with that sign-in sheet though, we lose a lot of our info on who is continuing our meetings which makes it difficult to track and enhance member engagement over time. In the present, we need a someone who can source in an expensive system to check people in and print name tags for them.

Redesign of our “OBC Member of the year” program. Currently, we have raffles and prizes at our monthly meetings, and when members do various types of volunteering and assistance at club events, including bringing beer and food, they accrue points toward an award, called you guessed it, member of the year. We realize though, that this winner-take-all approach only motivates a handful of people in our club. so we’re redesigning this program to build in more incentives- having more prizes or points for purchasing sweet OBC merch with your points.

So if you’re a points, maven, please help us out here! OK, that’s it from your membership chair, unfortunately, I’ll miss our March meeting as I’m on a train that night for Wyoming, but I’d love to hear from you. There will be membership committee info at the meeting though so we can get info from you on the above items. We’ll be exploring this more at our B-side meeting 3/23 at Upright Brewing.


Bob DaVee

OBC Membership Chair

It's all about the education... 

OBC, if there are any topics you've wanted to know more about or have an idea for a presentation you would like to do contact me! 

-- Bill Midkiff

OBC 2023 Beer Camp!
@ Trask River County Campground

The Oregon Brew Crew will be holding another “Brew Camp” on the weekend of June 9th - 11th, 2023 at the amazing Trask River Country Campground in the Tillamook forest. While the weather may be uncertain that time of year, we guarantee that you will enjoy the wilderness, the always epic bottle share, and whatever brewing and non-brewing group activities we come up with. If you would like to reserve your own spot for a tent (or two) and a vehicle, grab a spot at https://reservations.co.tillamook.or.us. The “center” of camp activities is spot A35 and we have limited tent sites available in A33-37 already. We highly recommend reserving your own spot between A23-A32. They will fill up fast!